Without The Government, Who Would Paint The Roadkill?

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A recent picture taken of the government’s handiwork while painting a road in Michigan is the source of laughs for many.

A photo was taken of the humorous stunt and it looks like it was created for a meme. It depicts a dead opossum with a yellow line painted on its back. And indeed, it does make quite a meme:  

roadkill meme

“At first I thought ‘really.’ I have seen memes about it,” said Polly Misner, the woman who snapped the photo. “But then I thought, the paint trucks are already holding up traffic, why couldn’t they stop and scrape it off the road? It might take 15 seconds.” That seems like a lot to expect from a government worker though; considering they often misspell the simplest of road signs:


“The risk of the worker getting hit when they already have traffic stopping is not that great,” she continued. “I was driving 55 miles per hour and I saw a dead animal from enough distance away that I could have stopped. Just thought it was funny, but then I was a little disappointed that it looks gross and could have been avoided.” But the government isn’t known for its competence, especially when it comes to road building and repairs.



The memes about the government’s inability to do the most mundane task are seemingly endless, and this opossum painting is far from an isolated event. It begged to be made into a meme and we gladly complied.

It’s almost as if government workers are paid with stolen funds so they don’t have to be held accountable for doing a good job. If you’re willing to vote for higher taxes so the roads will be fixed poorly, we bet you’d be willing to give a little less money voluntarily to an actual company for a much better job completed on the roads you drive.

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