Witness Says Man Who Died of Heart Attack on Jan 6 Was Shot In Face By Capitol Police Projectile

National File – by Gabriel Keane

An witness of the Capitol Hill protests on January 6 reveals that Kevin Greeson, an unarmed pro-Trump protester who died of a heart attack during the day’s events, was struck in the eye by high-velocity paintball-style projectiles fired by Capitol Hill police prior to his death.

National File Citizen Journalist Roger Farina obtained an interview on January 6 with a witness who was standing directly next to Greeson at the time of the latter’s death, and National File is now exclusively releasing this interview on Thursday.

“So we’re all marching down… we’re just walking up, just walking around the nice little Reflection Pool, and all of  a sudden you just hear crazy stuff, paint balls start flying, they’re pepper ball paint balls, and then all the sudden people are breaking over the barriers, and people who are sitting there, peacefully demonstrating, they just get lit up with the paint ball,” the witness, who asked National File not to reveal his name, recounted.

“One of the guys who got hit, he couldn’t start breathing, he collapsed, and that’s when we [were] just like, ‘Paramedic, paramedic!’ No paramedics are going to come in,” the witness said. “We had to make a hole and try to drag him out. Some other paramedics went in, the DC police were firing on them, and anybody else who was in the area. Flash bangs were going off, a minimum of 30 flash bangs, and people are getting hit.”

The witness confirmed that the protests leading up to Greeson’s death were wholly peaceful in nature, stating, “It was definitely peaceful, and I’m like, ‘Wait that was a fence’, and that’s when I realized the dude next to me [was hit] square right in the eye with a paint ball pepper ball, he just dropped.”

“You could smell it in the air, you could feel the balls just going everywhere,” the witness added. “Peaceful dude, he wasn’t stealing or nothing. Dropped, heart attack. They did CPR there, and then we made a hole.”

Greeson, 55, was a resident of Athens, Alabama. His family described him in a statement as “an advocate of President Trump” who “attended the event on January 6, 2020, to show his support,” noting that “He was not there to participate in violence or rioting, nor did he condone such actions.”

Despite media claims that the Capitol Hill protests were an “insurrection” that intended harm against elected officials, no members of Congress or the Secret Service were injured, while four pro-Trump protesters were killed or died as a result of physical trauma incurred during the day’s events, and one police officer is believed to have died after an allergic reaction to the same type of pepper ball projectiles that our witness says led to Greeson’s death.

National File

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