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Woman Allegedly Pulled From Car, Severely Beaten by Police for Sleeping in Passenger’s Seat

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Killeen, TX — The police of Killeen, Texas are in the spotlight again after a Harker Heights Police Department officer was accused of savagely beating a woman. The gruesome photos of the aftermath have left police scrambling to come up with answers.

According to a Facebook post by the alleged victim’s attorney, Leah Dure was asleep in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car when a Harker Heights cop dragged her from the vehicle accusing her of driving under the influence.  

Dure’s attorney, Lee Merritt has called for the officer he identified as Officer Wood to be fired and criminally charged for his actions against Dure.

Merritt explained how the incident unfolded, noting that “Leah rode with her boyfriend to a local ER after a New Year’s Eve party so that someone could look at his eye which was injured at the party.”

Having had a few drinks, Dure chose to stay out in the vehicle and sleep in the passenger seat while her boyfriend was treated inside.

“She woke up to a white male officer dragging her from the car and banging her face into the concrete while accusing her of DUI,” Merritt explained.

According to Merritt, the abuse did not stop after Dure was arrested for seemingly no reason.

“She was taken to jail and was further physically assaulted by the officer she identified by his badge as Officer Wood as she tried to explain she was not driving, she doesn’t know how to drive, this was not her car,” he explained.

Highlighting the sheer lack of evidence of an actual DUI, Dure was not charged with any vehicle-related charges and instead police charged her with public intoxication “in a bizarre attempt to justify her unlawful arrest,” according to Merritt.

As the disturbing images of Dure began to share around on social media, both the Killeen police department and the Harker Heights department were forced to respond.

On the Killeen Police Department Facebook page, a statement was posted late Friday: “The Killeen Police Department and Harker Heights Police Department are aware of the allegation surrounding the arrest of a woman named Leah referenced in social media posts. The situation is currently being investigated. The facts surrounding the arrest are under review.”

The Harker Heights department’s statement made sure to remind everyone that what is shown on social media is not always the truth.

The Harker Heights Police Department Facebook page said: “The Harker Heights Police Department is aware of the incident that has been referenced by some in social media. It was reported to the Department by the complainant and it is currently under review, which takes some time to complete. Remember that not all information posted in social media is accurate and caution is encouraged for that reason.”

Below is the original post showing the disturbing nature of Dure’s injuries.

“We demand Officer Wood be terminated and criminally charged for this attack immediately,” Merritt demanded in his post.

As the Free Thought Project has previously reported, only weeks ago, the Killeen department was seen on video beating a gay student by the name of J.W. who had just gotten beat up another boy by the name of Travis. When police arrived, despite being told by the bus driver Travis was the “problem child” and the instigator bully, police apprehended J.W., forcefully taking him off the bus, and then body-slamming him onto the hard ground.

Only days after they were seen beating a gay high schooler, the Killeen police department was involved in a massive corruption scandal in which the son of one of their officers murdered an unarmed man in cold blood—on video—and was never arrested. The family of the victim has fought tirelessly—albeit unsuccessfully—to hold the man who killed their son accountable, but they are receiving no help from police.

While we may not know the exact story of Leah Dure, given the recent history of the Killeen police department, dismissing her claims would be outright silly. Hopefully, the officer involved had on a body camera or a dashcam which caught the alleged abuse. This way, after the officers get off with a slap on the wrist, the taxpayers can then be held liable for his violent actions in the form of a lawsuit.

Free Thought Project

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10 Responses to Woman Allegedly Pulled From Car, Severely Beaten by Police for Sleeping in Passenger’s Seat



  2. Enemy of the State says:

    Story says “we’re going to get justice”

    No yer not, not through the corrupt court system , or against the police union
    There’s only 1 way for Justice to happen in this case

    • Koorz says:

      Exactly. Odd species, Sheepus Amerikanus. Still believing there’s an ‘America’, ‘justice’, ‘freedom’, ‘freest nation on earth’…..

      PS: Where’s the people marching shouting ‘USA! USA! USA!’

  3. Sunfire says:

    If I were on a jury and this woman was on trial for tracking down the gestapo thug bastard that did this to her and shooting his head clean off his shoulders, I would find her NOT guilty. These savage bastards are beyond out of control, they are nothing short of domestic terrorists. The whole lot of them should be hung with a hemp rope from the nearest sturdy tree with their eyelids stapled to their foreheads.

  4. M & M says:

    File a Civil lawsuit against both Officers involved for 1 million each. Tie up their personal money for years. payback is a bitch especially when it comes to $$$

  5. DL. says:

    Killeen, eh? Not surprised one iota: isn’t there an army base nearby (there is, because a friend I had way back when took me there to see his friend)? And isn’t College Station, home to Texas A&M which has its Corps of Cadets, also nearby? And isn’t this place in Texas, where “law” enforcement ALWAYS gets a free pass? (Note: that “law” enforcement always gets a free pass is really the only thing I hate about Texas! It’s always about “the law” in Texas, which is just as LAWLESS now as it was before the Alamo!)

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Leah Dure was asleep in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car when a Harker Heights cop dragged her from the vehicle accusing her of driving under the influence.”

    Good one, PIGGY.

    Let’s see YOUR stupid (miserable, worthless) @ss drive a vehicle FROM THE PASSENGER SEAT.

    F’n RETARD!!!!!

    • Martist says:

      Hell, I’ve known people who got DUI’s for sleeping in the backseat… keys were accessible.

      Bicycle DUI’s, electric wheelchair DUI’s, walking home because a fight broke out and had too much but one pig on the way to the scene stopped him and radioed to next pig to bust him for public intoxication, etc. 5 bottles in a 6-pack carrier will get ya busted for it here. Pigs in this area will drive you around for an hour if your close so it builds up your BAL to an prosecutable amount. Nothin’ you don’t know already, though.. Big mammon to be made!

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        What’s even WORSE bullsh#t is the pot ‘DUI’s, Martist.

        Even if you hadn’t smoked any in 3 weeks…

        TOTAL racket!!!

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