Woman arrested for not wearing a mask.

Sep 23, 2020

Only in LOGAN OHIO does a person get TASED AND ARRESTED for not wearing a freaking MASK

Here u can also see very clearly that NEITHER of these cops even had a mask on, yet they’re arresting this girl for not wearing a mask 😳🙄


👮‍♀️ Police brutality at its finest

17 thoughts on “Woman arrested for not wearing a mask.

    1. There wasn’t a man among them and the guy standing by the cop must have been the Todd.
      Any one of them had every right to beat these f-kers to a pulp.
      And hey, I guess the children were watching and learning how disobedient subjects are treated.
      Remarkable, it’s like they’ve sucked all the testosterone out of this country. Bunch of f-king cowards.

    1. Looks like the pimp was a school employee, maybe coach, look at the pictures, the rent a cops mask is HALF ON! REALLY! And these people are “social “ distancing. Just another fun? family outing?

  1. I live in a north Fl county that has dropped its mandatory mask mandate as of TODAY, I was very excited to go shopping today without a mask. But, I was in for a rude awakening, because despite the mandatory mask mandate being dropped the individual stores would STILL NOT LET ME SHOP WITHOUT THE FN mask. I still saw 99% mask wearer. MADE ME SICK! I WISH people would unite, But I think people are zombies and get off on wearing it. Is there any hope for us? I pray, but it does not look good. I still donate here, although I feel like an outsider. Thank you

    1. It’s that 90 day thing to break a habit. They broke the habit of being human & morphed into robots. I don’t know about where you live but here where I shop, small town, under 5,000, I’ve gone everywhere I need to, but 1 place. Just walk in and say no I don’t want a mask. Actually, they’ve quit offering them. But yeah, people are still masked up all around me. They are the unnormal ones, they are the ones that changed by buying the big fat lie. And if you come around the site more you may not feel like an outsider. Hang in there, remember you are a free sovereign American; keep acting like it. Oh and you may just walk in where you need to go and act like you own the place. That’s what I do and it works.

    2. The last time I wore a mask was while I was employed as an RN (11 years ago) during a patient procedure. NO mask no test no kill shot. Those still wearing masks are operating in fear and/or ignorance. Everyone has had plenty of time to do research since this scamdemic began. Those still wearing a mask will take any and all shots voluntarily …no mandate required. On the bright side, there will be plenty of toilet paper for the rest of us 🙂

  2. All this chicken shit cop had to do was tell her to put the fkg mask on. Then she would at least would have had a choice.

    Whats even worse is that nobody did anything to defend her, this POS cop needs a slap down, should have been tackled, then handcuffed.

    That chicken shit sitting up from her was just sitting there like a punk ass coward with his arms crossed, i would love to beat the shit out of him as well.

    This is going to be the test of us all, how to handle this shit when we see it.

  3. This is why people hate the police they won’t arrest rioters or corrupt officials. Look at the cop how he’s wearing his mask, not correctly according to the loony medical pros…. Arrest the hypocrite cop!

  4. No way in effin hell I’d sit there and watch. Bubba would have gotten knocked down some bleachers.
    Probably would have pulled a gun and cuffed him while I made my way out of the area.
    When they identified me and went to my house I wouldn’t be there. And that would be the day I go Rambo and start wacking fools for free.

    It’s a matter of days really. I’ve been asking for years “when can we start shooting” These criminals and their quizzlings?
    I’m condition zero 24/7 I’m normally condition 1 unless I’m cleaning.

    I replied to a co worker the other day when he asked if I carry with one in the chamber and I replied “the only time it’s unloaded it’s usually hot as sh!t and I’m smiling.”

  5. So the football players aren’t “social distancing” nor wearing a mask, neither are the cheerleaders, but those sitting in the bleachers must wear a mask?!? The gestapo thugs didn’t have a mask on either. 100% total tyrannical BULLSHIT! It’s the same as the restaurants where customers have to wear a mask entering or exiting the building, or moving anywhere inside the restaurant, but not when seated at a table. Do people no longer having any functioning brain cells?!? This “mask mandate” bullshit proves how stupid people are.

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