Woman attacks neighbor over American flag in yard

American Mirror – by Kyle Olson

An elderly man is proving to be unflappable after his neighbor allegedly raged on him because of the American flag flying in the man’s front yard.

The (Florida) Citrus County Chronicle reports on the Christmas Eve attack:  

Lucille Blanchard, 50, of South Spice Wood Terrace, Lecanto, at 1:48 p.m. Dec. 24 on a felony charge of battery on a person over the age of 65 and a misdemeanor charge of petit theft.

According to her arrest affidavit, “Blanchard is accused (of) grabbing her 69-year-old neighbor by his shirt and pushing him backward, then stealing his American flag valued at approximately $15.”

She was reportedly “upset that her neighbor had a flag in his front yard and came over to remove it when the altercation occurred,” the paper reports.

Her bond was set at $2,500.

“It’s an American flag and I’ve always flew one,” victim Steve Horner tells Fox 13.

Horner says he recently moved to Florida from South Carolina and erected the flag in his front yard “just like others on the block have done as well.”

“She texted my wife what’s up with the flag,” Horner says.

“We’re just minding our own business you know ‘take that God damn flag down just for one day’ I said I ain’t taking that flag down,” he tells the news station.

After the order, the family thought Blanchard would go home.

Instead, she allegedly raged.

He says she took the flag stand out and threw it at the ground.

“I told her you come over here again I’m going to call the law on you,” Horner says.

He tried to protect the flag but Blanchard reportedly continued to go wild on her elderly neighbor.

“I was holding on to it and she was pulling my shirt and I just turned loose of the flag and just let her take it,” he says.

Despite the violence, Horner says he’ll still fly Old Glory.

“No I’m not going to take it down why in the hell should I take down.”

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9 thoughts on “Woman attacks neighbor over American flag in yard

  1. Even though military, pigs and the occupying zog disrespect the flag SO much more, the fact that this one was mine would cost me a misplaced flagpole and her to be walking upright for all eternity.

    B***h needs to learn how to mind her own damn business and where her Rights and an another’s begins.

  2. I had to put on my glasses for this one..
    My eyesight is withering. ..
    I thought the article said….

    “Woman Attacks Neighbor Over American Fag Banging In Front Yard”.

    Bada Chinnng.

    Last jokes of 2017.

  3. She had no business messing with his private property. But setting that aside, the US flag is less than meaningless until the Bill of Rights is restored. As things stand, it’s just a cloth idol that symbolizes lies and hypocrisy. Worship of the flag (and “our” troops, etc.) is a poor substitute for genuine patriotism.

  4. Lucille Blanchard, 50, of South Spice Wood Terrace, Lecanto, is a crazy bitch who’s been thoroughly brainwashed by the TV, so she now thinks anything American is evil.

    The next time she pries her fat ass off the sofa she’ll be attacking the border patrol.

    Or maybe it will be “homophobes”…. or anyone who’s satisfied with the gender they were born with.

  5. “It’s an American flag and I’ve always flew one,”

    Good thing it wasn’t a Confederate flag.

    That encounter might have been fatal.

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