Woman brandishes gun, scares off drone

Fox News

Clearly annoyed by a drone hovering near her residence, a woman aims a gun at the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in a video that is going viral.

The drone’s-eye video shows the drone hovering close to a house. A woman appears on the porch and throws stones at the UAV, which flies higher to avoid the projectiles.  

The video then shows the woman entering the house before re-emerging with a gun, which she aims at the drone. At that point whoever is piloting the drone gets the message that the UAV is unwelcome and the drone quickly flies away from the house.

The incident took place in Bellevue, Wash., according to media reports.

The video has been viewed more than 173,000 times on YouTube.

Last year two guests at a New Hampshire wedding filed a negligence lawsuit against the groom and wedding planning firm after a quadcopter smashed into them during the event.


One thought on “Woman brandishes gun, scares off drone

  1. and she will more then likely be the one arrested

    so, who posted the video?
    because thats the jackass with the drone ..IP address ?

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