7 thoughts on “Woman caught breaching home isolation | Australia

  1. Not Aussieland but Stasiland now…!!

    It’s all coming to the fulcrum soon, everywhere..!

    I have always said, it is the enforcers of tyranny that MUST and WILL bare the brunt of the peoples resistance to it!

    They all must be drunk on their new powers…oh well….what’s funny is the Police think they have some monopoly on deadly force..!!

    here we are again in history, Americans are gonna have to take care of business as usual….!

  2. Stasi was the first thing that went through my mind, too. The guy they took in was of pretty good size. Coulda taken a few down I would think. Instead, threw his girl a kiss and walked into custody. They’ve trained us with, “The more you fight, the more they hurt you.” Today we have to reverse that training to “Fight. Hurt THEM.”


    1. You’re goddamn right. Quit coming at them by the tens and hundreds and come at them by the tens of hundreds and thousands.
      You f-king outnumber them and you know you have options. You fail to stand and fight and do not exercise every option, you deserve what you get.

      1. I was listening to Alex Jones the other day (guy gets on my nerves) but he had on one the leaders of this movement over there. Their whole message is “be peaceful, no violence”. Alex is pushing that for over here as well. He wants the “good senators” to stand up. He claims that’s what the globalists want, so they can get more hardcore, and inflict more tyranny. He claims “if we just say no with no violence, there’s nothing they can do.”

        WRONG. They must think we are stupid. Hey buddy, if you don’t kill these bastards yourselves, all they will do is stage a false flag, where a bunch of pigs get killed, and they will shoot your asses anyways. This isn’t rocket science.

  3. “Comments are turned off.”

    Gee, what a surprise! There’s only 1 reason they do this. Interesting though that the likes outnumber the dislikes on this one as that’s unusual so they must be starting to doctor the numbers again.

    I had another thought while watching this though. This looked a little bit like a staged hit-piece to me. The “perps” in these reports ALWAYS seem to be stereotypical “rough” types – always wearing black like gang-members/crims, “alternative” mohawk hairstyle, tied up in some unrelated “illegality” ie. mention of the breach of bail, etc, etc. It’s like they set up the do-gooder camp people & the “bad” anti-covid people with the “good” police heroes sweeping in to rescue everybody. The wine-guzzling old hag accusing the anti-covid people of being “selfish” was the collectivist nail-in-the-coffin at the end. I’ll bet anything they were ALL actors.

  4. “This looked a little bit like a staged hit-piece to me”……….
    same here

    “I’ll bet anything they were ALL actors.”

    Had the same feeling

  5. Agreed, what was that other woman doing there in her “caravan”? Why wasn’t she arrested? She said the couple was “selfish”, why doesn’t she consider herself “selfish” then?

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