Woman gets home detention for ‘pay-to-stay’ immigration scam

Fox News

A Los Angeles woman has been sentenced to six months of home detention for her role in a multimillion-dollar “pay-to-stay” scheme that helped hundreds of foreign nationals remain in the United States by falsely claiming they were students.

Eun Young “Jamie” Choi was sentenced Thursday. 

She was the last of three defendants sentenced in the scheme, which prosecutors say may have generated $6 million a year from citizens of South Korea, China and other nations.

Prosecutors say Choi and others created student transcripts and other bogus records to deceive immigration authorities.


5 thoughts on “Woman gets home detention for ‘pay-to-stay’ immigration scam

  1. How many bad drivers has this gook imported? Send her back to the third world shithole she came from…or better yet, send her to some different shithole where she doesn’t speak the language.

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