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Woman Runs On Foot From Officer Who Then Shoots and Kills Her After Traffic Stop

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Late Friday night, neighbors heard gunshots near the scene of what seemed to be a common traffic stop. Now they are demanding answers from police who have so far refused to explain what happened when an officer shot an unarmed 25-year-old woman.

Salem, Oregon Police are saying only that an officer stopped Jacklynn Ford, 25, just after 10 p.m. on Friday.

Ford then allegedly ran away from the officer and without any explanation given thus far, the officer opened fire on her.  

ja“I heard three gunshots and a scream,” a neighbor who lives near the park said, on the condition of anonymity.

Now, after days, Salem Police are claiming that they found a gun in the park that they “think” belonged to Ford.

All of this has led to the Oregon State Police opening their own investigation. But Ford’s family said they are not waiting for the official results.

“I’m not laying down on this,” her aunt, Marci posted on Facebook. “My niece is going to get her justice.”

Also posting on Facebook about the killing, Ford’s mother wrote: “My heart feels like its broke (sic). I miss my daughter and just want to hold her.”

It may be some time before there are answers that the Oregon State Police, or Salem Police Department are willing to give on this killing. In the meantime SPREAD THE WORD and hold the police accountable!

(Article by M.B. David)


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10 Responses to Woman Runs On Foot From Officer Who Then Shoots and Kills Her After Traffic Stop

  1. Hoppes says:

    I’m sure the officer “feared” for his life…

    Just like the rest of us, she looked like a “terrorist” to him…

  2. Samfish says:

    Make em accountable
    Don’t think for one second the system will grant you true justice

  3. Mark Schumacher says:

    I’m getting pretty tired of reading about this shit. I’m not sure how much the public is excepting this crap, but does lock and load ring a bell?

  4. Vekar says:

    Where is the black outcry for “white lives matter” right now? Oh right, white lives DO NOT matter.

  5. josh says:

    I think this story is from last year the woman was a iraq war veteran ,And of course the oink oink bang bang in blue shot her in the head and back after she ran away from him . most likely because she was hot and he was trying to force her to pay the ticket via sex on the spot . So the swine capped her and tossed a pistol near her body to cover his crime , Salem Cops are commie thugs .

  6. Jolly Roger says:

    There were no drugs or weapons found on this woman, and if she had any criminal history, the article would have mentioned it.

    So why did she run? My guess is that the stinking pig bastard was trying to rape her, and he covered up that crime by shooting her in the back when she ran from the disgusting piece of trash.

    She was a pretty girl, and now she’s dead because she didn’t want to have sex with a pig.

    “Now, after days, Salem Police are claiming that they found a gun in the park that they “think” belonged to Ford.”

    In their desperation to make this look like a justifiable shooting, they planted a gun somewhere.

    I agree with the Black Panthers — “off the pigs”

  7. RickE. says:

    I know I have said this before, but know where your local “Officer Friendly” lives! It is good OPSEC, and one never knows when it will be necessary to visit him/her.
    It is not difficult to follow one home if one is careful not to be observed.
    In fact it is relatively easy as they are arrogant and comparatively stupid!

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