Woman Slams Covid Commies in Orange County, CA

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Outstanding one-minute speech at the Orange County, California Board of Supervisors meeting, 4/13/21

Peggy Hall of TheHealthyAmerican.org also spoke at the board meeting and reports that for now, Orange County has voted against the idea of so-called ‘vaccine passports.’

Popular YouTuber & freedom activist known as ‘An0maly’ also spoke at the meeting. He has been doing a lot of good work, geared towards educating the younger crowd. You can sign up for his email list at his site Stayintouchwithme.com.

Another person whom you should definitely be aware of is human rights Attorney Leigh Dundas, Speaks At Orange County Board Meeting.

Amazing stuff! May God continue to bless, fortify and protect all of these righteous people. 😇🙏🏻


4 thoughts on “Woman Slams Covid Commies in Orange County, CA

  1. I like that woman in red!!

    Now, and In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a little ditty from 1939, a short, that I just came across. It’s a colorized Hollywood representation of the beginnings of The Bill of Rights, mostly showcasing the slave-holding aristocracy’s role (but of course!!). Well, they do throw a little light on the real rebels, the poor and unnamed, those who gave all for our liberty. And Madison calls us “a Democracy.” Ha! Still, this is amusing to see in terms of how it’s all been sold to us. Under 17 min:


    1. For me, it’s coming up as an error occurred, try back later. I refreshed my page, still didn’t work. Hmmmm?

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