2 thoughts on “Women Freemasons In London (1939)

  1. outsiders are fooled by the rituals, dress code and symbols of these old world psychopaths, and think they’re just some harmless social club, but the underlying, and hidden reality is their endless war dogma and insights. These people are all mass murderers, planning, scheming and then pitting the people of all the worlds various nation states against each other in one group slaughter after the other, until they’ve destroyed everyone but their royal bloodlines, and the chosen slaves that will work the fields for them. All I want are nuclear weapons!!! All I want are nuclear weapons!!! Do you know where our local silo’s are, because the only important thing on this war planet is who has the best bombs!!! With the best bombs, you rule the world! Everything else is jewish distraction and psyops to keep you, and your folk unfocused, lost in one personal distraction after the other, chasing feathers on the wind, to nowhere but extinction.

  2. The channel has 1.2 million subscribers, the video is 6 years old and has over 50k views but not a single comment.

    What, do they scrub the comments daily on it?!

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