The Word From the Trenches – August 30, 2017

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Archive: TWFTT 8-30-17

6 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – August 30, 2017

  1. It was kind of heartbreaking to hear that you had to borrow $ just to get the air purifier to breath clean air. With all the hard work you put in, not to mention the time, you should not have financial stress. May the floodgates somehow open. Meantime, though only a pittance, I will continue to send what I can. Man, they make it so hard for us folks.

    And you are so right about Jones, et al being The New Main-Stream Media, (the former now called The Dinosaur Media). Not only do they turn a blind eye to Trump’s war policies, but they defend Israel at every turn. And forget about them delivering 9/11 truth: Box-cutters! The New MSM, not a club any freedom-minded person would want to be in.

    Thank you, Henry.


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