20 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 15, 2018

      1. Thanks, Mary. Got it. Hope I didn’t miss anything urgent in the first 10 minutes. But then again, there’s rarely anything that’s not urgent. Jeez.


  1. 45 now (42 w/c), 48 hi, 36 lo. Rain tomorrow & Sat., snow (so they say) on Sun. 18 & 21 the respective lows for Mon. & Tues. CR@P!!!

  2. Thank you Henry! Excellent “coverage” of the real or fake shooting. As much as they lie to you and I, how and why would we believe them?

      1. I miss your live show, Henry. NONE of my devices will play the live feeds:-( 🙁 A real Debbie-downer for me, but I listen to the archives. Man on fire and thank you, sir.

  3. Another great back and forth Henry, these assholes won’t stop, the new norm, school shootings….

    Again, funny how this only happens in a country with gun rights…

    Parents not raising kids properly, 95% of the problem, scum bag parents helping to kill America.

  4. Great show, Henry. You mentioned Utopia as where we’re meant to be. Such an important thing to consider in terms of continuing the fight. It won’t be without reward.

    And Mark, I understand your concerns with the pledge and the flag. And like Henry says, we were born into a lie. And I got to thinking that maybe those emotions we feel with the pledge and flag are really tied up with our idea of freedom and a longing to embrace it again. We really want to reclaim what The Bill of Rights is and so our allegiance is to that reclamation, and the pride is in being subservient to no one. God how I want to be proud of my nation again. In spite of all the lies, and we’re talkin’ centuries of deception, I still want to feel proud again. It’s in the distance, but it’s there.


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