24 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 21, 2018

  1. TRENCHERS: don’t forget to request Henry’s CD ‘Bill of Rights/Common Law Explained’…..info right over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


      I have to go to town for envelopes, but I’ll get this whole envelope, stamp, and address thing straightened out A.S.A.P.

      I’m not an overly organized person, and I would have gotten married, but all the girls I know are insane.

        1. No, that’s okay, Mary. I have to go to town anyway.

          It’s actually not a problem now that I have my wheels back. (getting to town a couple weeks ago was rough)

  2. It’s a whopping 33 degrees right now (no w/c, thankfully), 39 hi, 29 lo. Revised low for tomorrow – from 10 all the way up to 15.


  3. Maybe sometimes to get to Heaven you have to go through Hell.

    Just wanted to share that I’ve had a change of heart regarding how to refer to Henry.

    A week or two ago some of us spoke about not wanting to address him as a leader because that would reduce us to followers, and also because that may put an undue burden on him. We tossed around a few other terms that would work. I playfully referred to him as “The Captain.” But in the last day or so, I have realized that Mark was right and that “leader” is the right word that works for me.

    I just have never come across the likes of Henry, in strength, courage, and intelligence. Actually, I feel he’s teaching me how to be my own leader, and not just in word.

    There’s that old question: What’s the difference between a leader and a ruler?

    Answer: A ruler says, “Go!” But a leader says, “Let’s Go!.”

    Big frikkin’ difference.

    I speak only for myself, and, of course, try my best to think for myself. That said, after the last couple of broadcasts, I’m finding myself wanting to muster the courage to follow him into hell. God Bless Henry and Laura.

    Had to get this off my chest.


          1. oh….ya….I’ve been sorting for a long time ….things are pretty clear now…btw…your request is in the mail

    1. I’m not captain and I’m not leader. You’ve got the right idea towards the end. If each one of us follows the truth we are all bound to end up in the same place in the end.
      If we face any situation, I will be looking at who needs to be in control to get the job done. In some situations it will be one person, and other situations, another. And in a situation where command is necessary in battle, I will follow the order, not because I am a follower, but because I agreed to the plan and I freely chose to participate.
      Our war is for our individuality, literally for our right to conduct our lives as free individuals. I have no doubt when the time comes, we will all work together and prove to be proficient for the task.

        1. Well, I guess “comrades” is one of a few words we have to rescue back from the commies. I’m also thinking of “gay” and “rainbow.” They used to be such beautiful and innocent words.


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