16 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 5, 2018

  1. 59 now, 59 hi, 42 lo. Sunny, scattered clouds (no CHEMTRAILS for a change). If one didn’t know better, one would think it’s a summer day (eartly summer, anyway).

    My computer is getting worse, don’t no how much longer it’ll be any use. Couldn’t access FTT at all for Henry’s broadcast today, that’s why I missed it.

        1. I’ve been having the same issue for about 3 weeks. It’s very difficult to mange because if I miss a comment to me, it might look like I ignored it, but not intentionally (grin). I try my best, but…

          Anyhow, I was advised to use another email address to see if that will work. I will try that as soon as all other options are exhausted.

          Good luck with yours too, #1.


  2. Hi Henry. Very interesting last half hour of show. You sure did clear up a lot regarding the (Masonic) Constitution, and anarchy not being The Common Law, and who did and did not serve the king.

    The challenging conversations teach us so very much. With all the lies we’ve been told, it’s a relief to hear things get broken down to what really happened back then over two hundred years ago when liberty propelled itself like an unstoppable rocket.

    Every time I get another puzzle piece, I increase in gratitude and respect for those who risked everything for us, who defied the king and stood apart from the bogus power. Thank you so much, Henry. Much gratitude and respect.


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