18 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – Feburary 2, 2018

  1. Does anyone besides me remember a right-wing nut job named Wally George? I used to watch him for laughs on late night t.v., back in the 90s. He used to go on some major rants (most of them against some of his guests), and the audience would go wild.

    Henry reminds me a lot of Wally.

    Except that Wally was ALL SHOW, whereas Henry is as REAL as it gets!

    1. “Wally George’s (Almost) 10 Years on ‘Hot Seat’ : Television: The show premiered in 1983, but the conservative commentator is celebrating tonight.”

      “RIP: Wally George, the Last True Hero”

      “Wally George, 71; Firebrand Host Made Insult TV a Hit With Orange County Show”

      1. His daughter is hot… they fell out over her movie career (got nekid in ‘Risky Business’).

        Rebecca De Mornay (‘Hand That Rocks the Cradle’)

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