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  1. Henry- we were a melting pot of White Europeans. Jews brought in Blacks through the slave trade and there were those who were already here when (((Columbus))) discovered America, but White European immigration was the law. Am I wrong about this? How you handle this topic is very confusing for me.


    Before 1965, to my knowledge, we were 60% German heritage in this country.

    Georgia and Frank Raymond on the Big Lie of “We are a nation of immigrants.”

    1. Bob, are you looking for a problem with me?
      When the Europeans invaded this continent, there were hundreds of different races of peoples here, from the Cherokee on the east coast of whom some looked as European as a European, to the Indian tribes in Mexico that was a part of Spain, and though they were European, they quickly melted into Mexicans who were a part of the immigration.
      That is the melting pot I was talking about.
      I do not like the way you keep coming at me out of the side of your mouth. If yours is a white nationalist attitude, what are you doing here?
      Tell me, just what about me confuses you? Because I want to end the confusion.

      1. No Sir, I am not looking for a problem. I’m here because this is one of the best places to find truth on the internet. I am confused because the attack on us is two fold,
        1. European heritage countries destroying tribal cultures around the world.
        2. The immigrant invasion from disrupted cultures into European countries. These include the European countries in order of highest level of “multiculturalism:” South Africa, Australia, Canada, Western Europe, United State and Argentina.

        Calling America a “melting pot” is an early seed of this ancient tactic of multiculturalism that has been used to destroy so many cultures in world history just as the slave trade in Africa appears to have been. The audio I posted above describes the origin of the melting pot meme.

        I argue that if we are not precise about the role race plays in our situation we are just treading water. If we were importing a similar number of South Africans or Australians we would not be facing the same threat.

        Sorry to raise your ire.

        1. Race and culture absolutely are a part of the equation, and it is a two pronged attack, but I don’t see where your confusion comes from.
          We are American nationals of the American race. That which binds us as a people is the Bill of Rights.
          Our skin is of all pigments. That which binds us as a people is the Bill of Rights.
          We are a people. That which binds us as a people is the Bill of Rights.
          All other countries on this planet are socialists and they are of every pigment of skin. They are socialists. They despise our Bill of Rights because it makes what is ours, ours. They are socialists and as they are cowardly and enslaved, they despise those with the strength to rise above.
          You see, in the end, Bob, it is all paler shades of grey. There is them and us. They are socialists and we are the free people bound by the Bill of Rights.
          Guess I don’t need to analyze it any further than that in order to destroy them and free myself, whoever they may turn out to be.

      2. You see Bob,

        There are leaders, and there are leaders, you just met our leader. The great thing about Henry, is he doesn’t waiver, or veer, goddamn sticks the shot in the ear, skins the MTFKR and eats it.


  3. I suggest someone does some research on..

    The Olmecs…

    The Lovelock NV…giants.

    From what I understand in ancient history…

    Which is all speculation at this point…

    That in legend and folklore myth.

    White people fell out of the sky.. in the Caucus
    mountain ranges in Russia.

    Just like the Chi knees and Japanese have the same story…of their emperors falling out of the sky/sun.

    Since they fell into the Caucus mountains close to asia…
    They were deemed…

    Cauc Asians.



  4. Hi Henry, I got to your broadcast late and moved right from it to The State of the Union. Two ends of the twisted spectrum, with one burying us in bs and one diligently digging us out. You called our country a “colony of Israel.” First time I’ve heard it expressed that way. Chilling.

    And then I listened to Trump on tv, which was preceded with a CBS 10 minute spot on the plight of DACA kids and the challenges they and their parents and teachers face. There were tears and tissues and, misplaced compassion: feel sorry for us, while America and other nations are invaded and see their national essence obliterated while they themselves have to deal with poverty and programmed pussification. The timing of that slot was so obvious: A Soros wet-dream for a captive audience.

    Then came orange-red guy, tossin’ around words like freedom and individuality and self-determinism, those that he says make our nation unique. Those are words he has no right usin’, as he steals rights and advances the police state. But he pretended he knew what they meant, and likely millions bought in.

    Act two paid homage to nuclear weapons, the war-machine, the police, and to the plan for almost 2 million more immigrants to be placed on the path to citizenship. I could only think of the recording of his that you frequently play: “There will be no amnesty.”

    And lastly, in naming our many enemies, ISIS is highlighted, ISIS!! Created, funded and trained by Israel. And he segues to Israel as our true ally, and whom we must keep supporting and supplying, not only with money but with soldiers to fight their wars.

    I’ll end here, though that speech has much to break down and expose. But Henry, thank you for giving everything to un-colonize us. The thought of subservience affects the ease of breathing and that you are teaching us to remove the chains gives me great hope and encouragement.


    1. Well we have an elephant to eat and that is a natural fact, but every day more and more are stepping up to take a bite, knowing that if we do not waver, that elephant will be reduced to its true essence, a pile of dung rotting into the earth.
      About time to go up and take another bite, off to the broadcast.

    2. galen, thank you for the synopsis. I could not stomach the site nor sound of the traitor, so I did not watch.

      I’ve heard enough of his rhetoric and high highfalutin adjectives to last me a life time.

      Thanks for being brave.

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