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WordPress shuts down Fellowship of the Minds

The Fundamental Option – by Dr. Eowyn

What I had feared and expected finally happened.

Minutes ago upon waking up this morning, I discovered that WordPress has unilaterally and without warning shut down Fellowship of the Minds for alleged violations of “Terms of Service”.  

WordPress suspends FOTM

I have sent a request to WordPress asking them to account for just what “Terms of Service” FOTM is found to have violated. In my request, I reminded the owner, administrators and staff of WordPress that WP’s information censorship against a conservative blog, once undertaken, can and will be used against them in the future.

The signs are now clear that the Left are silencing all conservative voices before the November mid-term elections where Democrats will steal the election with MASSIVE voter fraud.

I will explore finding another server for FOTM. In the meantime, I am using this other WordPress blog I have (but never used), as the interim Fellowship of the Minds.

Please pray for America.

Liberty in tears

In sorrow,

Dr. Eowyn

The Fundamental Option

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79 Responses to WordPress shuts down Fellowship of the Minds

  1. James M. says:

    Is there anything I could do to help? I am a very frequent reader of the Minds

  2. galen says:

    “In sorrow,” and ANGER!! Fist in the air. DAMN IT!!

    Thanks, Alex.



  3. DL. says:

    Honestly I did not expect this criminal psycho behavior from WordPress! My somethinghaoppeninghere blog has been on wordpress for several years now, and so is my omegabooksnet.com site. FOTM is IMHO only second to FTTWR as to truth in media, and I hope Dr. Eowyn can do what he has to do to get his word out. It’s one thing to take down Zionist shill Alex Jones. But taking down as TRUE BELIEVER IN CHRIST? God be with you, Dr. Eowyn!

    Thanks for posting this, Henry–I have been totally pissed off all day since I read this happened!

  4. galen says:

    Another take-down: Jay Dyer, Hollywood Decoder:



    • galen says:

      Creeping COMMUNISM, creeping, creeping, oozing, now running, full speed ahead.

      Ahhh, The Trench. Keep it safe.


    • BringBackFOTM! says:

      Same late night 8/14/18, same timeframe1:30-2amEDT, WP also took down:

      @Saboteur365 ‘s Saboteur365.wordpress.com


      @WillyLoman1 ‘s AmericanEveryman.com WP-hosted blog.

      There could be many more we are not aware of.

      Is Frederick… Flinstone?

      Is Frederick… Sanford? as in Fred Sanford & Son?

      Is Frederick… a Freemason? like Fred Flinstone & Barney were?

      Is Frederick… Mertz? as in Fred & Ethel Mertz? (friends of Ricky & Lucy).

      Is Frederick… Douglas? the famous Slave?

      Is Frederick… Murray? as in My Three Sons?


  5. Mike Ross says:

    JESUS CHRIST “ is not “ a jew , and He “ does not “ approve , of the so called judeo – christian zionists . JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD WHITE HEBREW ISRAELITE . ( HE IS OUR GOD AND NEAR KINSMAN . All Real And True Hebrews – are White-Men . However , “ not “ all white appearing men , are real & true Hebrews . ) JESUS is a direct descendant , from The Patriarch Judah ( The Son of Jacob , The Son of Isaac , The Son of Abraham ) , by His pure blood mother Mary ; JESUS IS A PURE BLOOD JUDAHITE . On the other hand , a jew is a mix blooded – alien foreigner – a literal bastard : by illegitimate intermarriage and misbegotten progeny . ( According to The Old Testament , The True Hebraic , The Mosaic Law : concerning forbidden miscegenation . )

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    The religion that JESUS CHRIST adhered to , was The Mosaic Law of Moses , as found today , in The Old Testament of THE HOLY BIBLE . He was and is , THE ONLY ONE , that could and did and does , keep The Law perfectly – with purity . After He died for us , and then resurrected , JESUS instituted THE NEW TESTAMENT GOSPEL : He offered Conditional Reconciliation ( if an individual will choose it ) for All Mankind , to find GOD – so receiving Mercy and Future Glory , by Faith in JESUS and Repentance and Reformation .

    On the other hand , the jews were His arch enemies – all throughout His ministry . The pharisees corrupted The Mosaic Law , and made it into “ judaism “ – with their mysticism & magic & traditions of men . JESUS confronted the money changers – trading & selling at their tables , in front of and within , HIS – GOD’S HOUSE AND HOLY TEMPLE . He overthrew , and ruined their evil business . In revenge , they conspired and accomplished , the crucifixion of THE SON OF GOD . The jews used the Romans , as their agents and instruments , for their murder of THE MESSIAH . The jews gladly claimed their own responsibility , for the bloody killing . ( Matthew 27 : 24 – 25 , THE HOLY BIBLE , kjv . ) The jews ( as a group ) were then and are today , GOD’S most implacable , hate filled enemies – and JESUS hates them back . GOD Himself say’s : “ Jacob have I loved “ , and then He say’s , “ esau “ ( another name for the jew ) “ have I hated “ . ( Romans 9 : 13 , THB , kjv . )

    THE “ I AM “ – JEHOVAH OF THE OLD TESTAMENT , IS THE GOD/MAN – JESUS CHRIST OF THE NEW TESTAMENT . GOD’S TRUTHS ARE HOLY RIDDLES – that need to be searched out – and found – to be appreciated and cherished and judiciously shared .

    There is much more to tell , on this subject , and the more the telling – the more compelling the case for the truth , and a corresponding growing gratefulness , by wonderful understanding .

    JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His lineage . JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His childhood residence , nor by the primary locality – of His mission activity . JESUS “ is absolutely not “ , a jew by His religion .

    The jew is a mixed blooded – alien foreigner – a literal bastard : by illegitimate intermarriage and misbegotten progeny . ( According to The Old Testament , The True Hebraic , The Mosaic Law : concerning forbidden miscegenation . ) The jews took over the office’s of : ( The King & The Temple High Priest & The Sanhedrin ) , by spiritual philosophy and actual infiltration ; in the cosmopolitain Jerusalem of Judea . Their impure bloodlines of direct descent , come from “ the serpent seed men “ – that wicked brood of vipers & traitors : cain – ham – canaan – ishmael – esau – and many others . For that “ kosher mafia “ , Salvation is still just possible ( withal not likely ) , for separating individuals , who surrender to , and who live by faith upon , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST . Nevertheless , judaism is the world’s leading “ secret combination “ – against THE TRUE GOD . It is already cursed to a black doom , and destined for an ultimate oblivion , and will be finally given over , to the fires of hell .

    JESUS CHRIST “ is absolutely not “ a jew , and He will ultimately fully reject , all judeo – christian zionists , whom persist , in their shameful & guilty – delusions & sins . Their souls are being stolen , by connivance and by deception and by sophistry . They have the blood iniquity , of shared responsibility , for supporting all the violence and injustice , that the jews perpetrate . Turn away from , “ The False Prosperity Gospels “ – who’s promise is a fool’s reward . Rather yet – stand on GOD’S right side , to solely seek , purity and perfection – through only , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – by His merits alone . Pray to GOD to obtain – THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST .

    • Henry Shivley says:

      With all due respect, what does this have to do with my people’s Bill of Rights having been removed and how we are going to destroy our enemy and restore those rights, so that each and every American national one of us can believe whatever we choose, as is our absolute right under the 1st Article of that Bill of Rights?
      A lot of people want to make a lot of decisions in reference to paths of religion. Without that Bill of Rights we are slaves. We are property and what we think about the passages in the Torah or any other books are irrelevant because we are slaves.
      If you are attempting to convert others to your personal religious beliefs, this just ain’t the place. We really don’t care about anything accept getting our free will and our rights back. Then maybe after we have removed ourselves from bondage, we will talk about other things.
      I can only speak for myself, but until I get that Bill of Rights back so that I am no longer a slave and actually have the capacity as a free man to make my own decisions, I don’t care to talk about anything else.

      • 'ol stewbum says:

        Didn’t you and yours just come back from vacation to find religiousness overwhelming your site, and your eloquent reprisal of those who would forget what this site is ALL about?
        Pushing the righteousness of this or that godly manifestation plays no part in re-establishing our Bill of Rights as the “law-of-the-land”, just pisses off those of us who would rather not be preached at.
        Thank you Henry

      • DL. says:

        Thank you, Henry! If the guy wants to spout Christian Identity, he needs to visit Pastor Barley or Pete Peters. I do not care either if Christ was a Jew or not! If Mr. Ross wants to discuss this, he can comment on my website linked by my name above.

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    I found this out earlier… FotM is (or was) my 9th stop (out of 10) in search of articles every day.

    Start with the BOGUS ‘truther’ sites (InfoWhores), then begin eradicating the TRUE news sites

    You KNOW that WE’RE high on that list.

  7. NewVegasBadger says:

    This ongoing censorship is the Lefts unspoken admission that they have lost the argument in the market place of ideas. They can not give a logical reason to adopt their world view. Naming calling and shaming are not working as did in the past. They now have use force. This is not going to stop with shutting down web sites they don’t like. It is only a matter of how soon this turns into a shooting war. You can not reason with or live civilly with those who openly admit they hate you and want you dead. Shutting down InfoWars was an easy target, since many viewed it as fringe extremist site, but they will not stop until they have shut down that disagree with them. Then they will go after each other for not being as politically correct as they are. It is all about power over other people.

  8. Ken says:

    When I heard they shut Alex Jones down, I feared you might be next. My worst fears have been confirmed. Find another server immediately! If you need funds ask! I have little, but all loyal readers can give something to help.

  9. galen says:

    I’d say this applies to several presidents, both past and present, but anyway…

    Mt. Rushmore – New Monument:



  10. Ed Teach says:

    People keep saying “censoring conservative” and left control” and words like that.
    It is not one against the other. Its both. eroding your rights systematically.

    This article speaks of exactly what we said last week.

    • Katie says:

      Might thought precisely. Commies on the left, commies on the right, what’s the difference? Nothin, they’re all commies.

  11. galen says:

    Woe is me!! Where is Flee?!!

    He is brother, like none other

    Same can be said of anyone

    Yet it’s he who’s currently gone

    Where goes the jester in these times

    To only become the stuff of rhymes


    • Katie says:

      Is flee Fredrick, is Fredrick flee?

      Seems quite the mystery to me.

      • galen says:

        I’m serious, Katie. I’m concerned about him. In all these years he’s never stayed away so long.

        As for “Frederick,” I’m in the dark, out of the loop. Every time that name on the broadcast I only wonder more and more about what I don’t know. I’m big on communication so I try to clear things up. Don’t always succeed, and I know some things are just none of my business. Feel a little sad, though.

        Anyhow, just hope Flee is okay.



        • Katie says:

          I hope he’s alright too. I’ve noticed over time that many days pass until I’d see a comment or hear him on the broadcast. Then out of the blue, there he’d be.
          Hopefully, he hasn’t fallen off the roof again. Being out there alone except for the rats and his dog keeps me concerned, yet obviously he’s a survivor.

      • Henry Shivley says:

        Who is Frederick?
        I was beginning to think no one was going to ask, the only person who knows other than Frederick.
        You see, the point is, all I see all the other so called patriot media doing is playing games. So what the f#@k, I figured we might as well play a game too.
        You’ve heard of Where’s Waldo? Where in the world is Carmen Santiago? Well this game is called, Who the f#@k is Frederick?
        Now the first one who guesses correctly reveals for all the others why the f#@k it matters.
        Your guesses must be direct declarations and correct.
        Let the games begin.

  12. Bud Fox says:

    If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

  13. Katie says:

    Having just re-read this article, the very first sentence is quite telling. “What I had feared and expected finally happened.” Beware what you fear and expect.

  14. Katie says:

    Who is John Galt?

  15. Katie says:

    Fredrick is a man that died at Lexington & Concord for his and our Bill of Rights.

    • flee says:

      Frederick smokes weed… drinks.

      Says stupid embarrassing comments.

      And… Drum roll pleazzz…

      Still wishes his x wife would die in a fiery car wreck.

      • galen says:

        How knowest I it is in fact thee, and not some rude imposter who claims to be?

        But if, in fact, that is truly you, then dude, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

        Nah, just kidding. Glad you’re okay. It was like a circus with no clowns so I went huntin’ fer ye. But glory be, here you iz.

        Did you know they’re makin’ spies outta ordinary people? And people are gettin’ kicked out of youtube and twitter? And locally, 1st article really being tested; passin’ with flyin’ colors. Just in case you missed any a dat. Frederick probably filled you in.



      • Katie says:

        Good morning flee. 🙂

  16. galen says:

    Note to Katie:

    I don’t know what we did, but something happened. It was not a fruitless effort.

    Perhaps tomorrow we will see who won the contest, or if it will continue on.


  17. TrueDan says:

    How do we notify Dr. Eowyn of our e-mail addresses to be included in the future reconstruction of FOTM?

  18. galen says:

    Congratulations, Katie!! You solved the puzzle!!!



  19. galen says:

    Patience is a weapon.


  20. Joel Walbert says:

    The point of the AJ psy-op was to get people like you to self-censor. Glad you didn’t get suckered in.

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