Workers find damage to underground radioactive storage bags at WIPP

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Photos taken from re-entry into the underground storage area of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico showed damage to bags of magnesium oxide.

The bags are placed on top of waste containers to prevent the radioactive material from releasing into the environment over a 10,000-year period. The U.S. Department of Energy said it did not know what caused the damage to the bags, but video and eyewitness accounts confirmed there were no issues with the roof or walls in the disposal room.  

The storage area has been shut down since air monitors detected a radiological release on Feb. 14. Air samples have been taken from 15 locations since the event, and results after Feb. 18 have shown no contamination.

DOE also said there was progress on the cleanup of the Waste Hoist tower and hoist control area, which was coated with a layer of soot from the Feb. 5 underground salt haul truck fire. Workers cleaned the fifth floor of the tower and are now concentrating efforts on the third and fourth floors. The hoist is normally used to transport waste to the underground facility, but will be used to carry recovery personnel and equipment underground during the recovery effort.

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9 thoughts on “Workers find damage to underground radioactive storage bags at WIPP

  1. Unfortunately, little did WIPP’s site security and the FSM know that the GREEN BURST” they were responding to was drawing them in like insects to a bug zapper. Sadly, these people now face a long, slow and agonizing death from that radioactive cloud. A cloud which was thought to be a false alarm until nearly 11 hours later, by which time these people were sent home without any radiation testing taking place.
    So, the CAM did eventually detect the underground radiation, but not before a massive cloud of Americium and Plutonium had been released into the environment. I am afraid damage was done.

    1. My question is … who … or how … were these bags that were placed on top of waste containers to prevent the radioactive material from releasing into the environment damaged?

      They just didn’t tear themselves open. I doubt they were flimsy paper … more like canvas perhaps?
      . . .

      1. Sounds like it was a concussive wave(blast-wave) that did the damage. they just finished closing a bunker……wait for it……bunker number 6, when an explosion occurred. sounds to me like the detonated a bomb down there and then let the trans-uranics float off into la-la land. the emergency response(OR LACK OF) seems deliberate too. just another test flight monkey case of lets zap the bug-humans with plutonium and see how long they squirm.

    2. I have been reading up on this and am of the opinion as others are, that the air was so filled with radioactive dust it ionized the air around the power transformers and they started arcing. this would also agree with the visual confirmation of a green haze being seen and arcing sounds coming from the power supply substation. its also being said this could have been much worse if the power substation had been taken down by this event. then the wipp facility would have been wide open to venting of all trans-uranic compounds from underground.

  2. “Air samples have been taken from 15 locations since the event, and results after Feb. 18 have shown no contamination.”

    Bullshit! Then why was there a radioactive plume going across Northwest Texas and throughout all of Oklahoma? You’re telling me that was nothing? Baloney!

    And instead of trying to figure out HOW it happened, maybe they should start figuring out WHO made it happen, because this stuff just doesn’t release itself. It seems like no one is doing any investigation as to WHO did it and only explaining how it happened. This is just like Fukushima. They can’t blame anyone because then the Nuclear companies would lose money since they are the one’s that are in charge of it.

    Again, this is just another whitewashed, dog and poney show to please the sheeple, while the real perpetrators get away free and no one being brought to justice. I DEMAND SOMEONE TO BE PROSECUTED FOR THIS!!!! Enough bullshit!

    1. My opinion this is ver. 2.0 of fukushima…….agenda of the georgia guidestones. so dont look for any accountability from those who put this program in motion. a youtuber named dutchsinse caught the explosion on radar when it happened. go look at his channel and back on march 16 a second explosion occurred in the vicinity of the wipp plant. the only way to hold these aholes accountable is to make a list and start working it down to 0 count.

      1. I remember watching that video that Dutch made showing that plume. He’s so good at what he does.
        . . .

  3. mouse/rat?

    I’m pretty sure it can only leak if water/humidity is high enough. So if it is leaking they should stop letting water in, right? Then contain what comes out?

    Imagine if coal power plants where so dirty they made nuclear power plants to replace them. The new nuclear power was sold to the masses as “cheap” and “clean”. Then after many years of not being able to upgrade the plants due to overwhelming cost and miles of red tape, these plants and their waste storage sites would be living in a 40 year technological zeitgeist.
    Yah! so,
    Yous gots enuf iodine some shits or a a-nuder?
    It bouts to be all,s ‘bam’ and drop kicks yo. Dat nuke shit bees bad.
    (author from new york but hides it normally)

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