3 thoughts on “Worst Case Scenario – Us Government Collapse – Massive Poverty Wave – Get Ready Before It Hits You

  1. Make sure you have a good shovel

    The Bastards playing games have a wake up call on the docket
    They probably wont need as much food as they think , because a dead Traitor dont eat much

  2. What can you do but take care of yourself? My family invited me for Christmas dinner; ‘Wear a mask!”

    I tried to warn people in Aug 2019 this was coming, and I was laughed at. In Oct 2019, ex-Spec Forces/GRS Mike Glover said in a podcast; ‘They’ll use a virus. Like how we were trained’.

    I told people. Got called a conspiracy theorist.

    In 12 months, I have yet to put a mask on, anywhere, any store. IN….12 months, I saw a client at Vons with no mask, and a late 20’s guy at Ralphs with no mask.

    That’s it. I go into town, and 98% wear masks to walk around.

    Ask ANY OF THEM; “This is all from ‘Conid-19′! ” (which doesn’t exist). They jump out of your way if you walk towards them, they make sure their mask is tight, AND THEY HAVE NO CLUE AT ALL WHAT THIS IS REALLY ABOUT.

    My ex-fav’ Italian restaurant 100% believes this, and DEMANDS an illegal/dangerous laser body temp’ pineal gland shot to ‘enter’ a public, retail facility.

    I’ve often said to these people; ‘When you FINALLY figure out what this is really all about, you’re going to be rather unhappy’.

    I think that moment is coming soon.

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