8 thoughts on “Would you help an injured homeless man?

  1. Yes I would. I left the bar to give a homeless guy wearing leg braces so he could leave the town I was in. Pigs harassed him every time he stopped to rest. He preferred the danger of being homeless in the city to the harassment of suburban pigs. He was afraid he wouldn’t catch the last train out. Gave him a couple smokes for the road. He did however say “God bless you and greater israel” but I let that slide. Dude had everything he owned in 2 freezer bags. It did take several days to get the b.o. out of my car but he’s human. How could anyone not?

    1. There’s an old guy in Philly on the Boulevard who sits on the corner at Byberry road. Army vet. He’s in a wheelchair because he got his leg blown off.. he asked me one day if he could buy a smoke off me. I told him nah man, no charge, here’s a couple. I always hook him up with smokes now if I stop at that light.

  2. Also I ain’t to keen about folks pretending to be what they’re not.
    Some play this to get the upper hand.
    Perhaps his time would be better spent helping someone instead of hanging with the zombies.

  3. I think it’s important to look this in the eye, to see how far from being human some have fallen. These snapshots of the demise could serve to touch some of those who would just walk by and do nothing, could serve to show them what they’ve become and maybe some will turn it around.


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