20 thoughts on “WROL Is Here… In California

  1. Precise analysis of what’s going on in CA. WROL, one best be packing constantly with or without a stupid permit.
    Stupid city council is wondering if they should hoist a gay/fag flag. My God! These people are actually paid to discuss this absolute nonsense.
    This isn’t just CA that is without rule of law.

  2. What?!! @ 1:04 he says “You really don’t want to defend yourself with any type of firearm…” Seems he thinks the risks of being sued or jailed are too big. Hmmm….

    He voices many true and unsettling things but in the the very last minute he recommends running for your local City Council. Sure, that’ll do it. He even recommends running for Governor. Is that not a holding up of that whole false construct, validating it, and affirming it as an agent of positive change?

    He’s sounding the warning but directing us to turn for help to the very system he is warning us about.


    1. galen, his solutions were definitely dumb for sure! The first thing I’d be doing is protecting myself with a firearm after all he spoke of.

      1. On his solutions… Katie, aside from being “dumb,” I think they were dangerous, especially at this point in the game. No?


        1. You will notice he starts his presentation off with by stating “You can’t be violent and use guns or THEY will put you in jail”. Well then it is not a world without law, it is ruled under corporate aristocratic policy. If you are going to war, well, this guy ain’t going to war because he is a goddamn coward.
          He bitches about the homeless without acknowledging that it was he and his industrialist friends who allowed the situation to get out of hand. It was they who have allowed the millions and millions of foreign nationals to pour into this country and displace the American nationals, putting them into the streets and leaving them destitute.
          Tell me this, Mr. Genius, how many illegals have you worked to make a bigger chunk of money at the expense of our civilization?
          Get voted into local f-king office. This man is a Trumptard retard. It is he and his acquiescence to unlawful corporate government in exchange for mammon that has created this situation. And he and his ilk will spread into the other states and try preaching the same bullshit.
          This is an unlawful occupation and the people who are going to stop it are going to need a spine.
          You know how you get rid of the fear of a cowardly spineless faggot, putting you in jail for lawfully enforcing the law? You declare war and commence hostilities. You be vicious. As you are the many and they are the few, it will not be long until they fear being in your jails and facing justice under the common law.
          California is not a world without law. The Bill of Rights is the ratified law. California is a world without balls or spines, and those who have not been put into the streets without a fight are no better or worse than those like this fella who is too f-king stupid or cowardly to understand there is law, ratified absolute law, that is the absolute authority of the people. But this law, like any law, requires the balls and backbone to enforce it. He fears a faggot ass government, so he lives under tyranny.
          The answer is not to become a part of the corporate corruption in an effort to save your mammon, it is to f-king unleash hell on the violators of our supreme law and our authority until they absolutely fear the people and liberty is restored.
          This guy is a f-king piss ant who I say to: Go down and beg at the feet of your masters and when some 98 pound faggot tells you to f-k off, practice the only art of war you seem to know, Run-fu.
          We outnumber these bastards thousands to one. It is the cowards like this piece of shit that are going to assist it to continue.
          I’ll end it like this, Mr. Stupid F-k, if California is a world without law, that would include the banana republic election system, wouldn’t it? Shove your cowardly corporate straw man vote up your spineless ass. Go find a hole to hide in, because the mass of the people out here are not afraid of getting in trouble for enforcing their ratified law, and f-k the consequences until the job is done. Now run Forest run.

          1. ‘ practice the only art of war you seem to know, Run-fu.’

            Henry you’re killing me ….. LMAO

          2. I hope a train doesn’t hold you up again. On this one, I couldn’t wait for you to get here.




  3. he’s surprised how fast it has occurred in California….. the wait was for the kosher tangerine (thank you Martist)

  4. Well, the solutions will not work but let us not attack one of our natural allies, this guy definitely sees the picture. This is an intentional destruction of all of the pillars of society. The family, and the common law were 2 of the early casualties (although not totally down and out). “Destroy all governments and all religions and all civic institutions, and upon the chaos, build the new world order” is the marching order. I think it has been said by Henry that the armed American populace is the only thing holding them back, One of the many good things about that populace: they are armed to the teeth and can certainly deal ultimately and effectively with WROL. And we of all people have a Bill of Rights as a basic organizing principal to deal with the lawlessness.

    1. The Bill of Rights is not a basic organizing principle to deal with lawlessness. It IS THE LAW and each one of us is born with the jurisdiction of the Bill of Rights common law. It is not only our right but our absolute duty to our progeny to enforce our law. It is not a principle, it is absolute law.
      And it does unite us, as it is within each and every one of us free nationals for the united States of the Americas, regardless of race, creed, color, or religion, as the Bill of Rights is the ratified law that is the authority for the individual free sovereigns who are the absolute authority over the sovereign land described as the united States of the Americas.

  5. Well, the solutions don’t work but let’s not destroy one of our natural albeit ignorant allies. This guy definitely sees the picture. The marching orders are.. “destroy all governments, and religions and all civic institutions, and upon the chaos, build the new world order. The common law and the family were 2 of the early casualties (although not totally down and out). Many of these people in office are certainly taking orders from other than the “people” which is the classic definition of WROL. The LAW is the common law. I think Henry has said that the armed American populace is the only thing holding them back. The armed American populace is well able to deal with WROL and we of all people have a Bill of Rights with which to deal with lawlessness.

    1. I understand your concern, but Matt, I cannot call him “ally.” Not yet, anyway.

      To me, an ally is one who has my back, is preparing physical defense, and does not still trust a system that has betrayed. So his recommendation of running for office and his discouraging the use of a firearm set me on my toes.

      I do not mean to be harsh, but allies are sacred to me and I don’t easily obtain them.


      1. Galen,
        I understand your point and agree because of how you have defined ally. Well taken.
        I took most of his early comments of “you can;t do this and you can’t do that” as figures of speech, not directives and his later comments as ??? what are we gonna do?. You know how sometimes you hear a frustrated comment from someone saying Man! you can’t even do XXX anymore! I think he described the practical environment we find ourselves in very well.
        When the British were fighting the French in the “French and Indian” wars early in this country, some pretty unsavory people became the allies of both the British and the French (hence the word natural ally). The words “natural ally” certainly do not mean trusted friend. True allies are sacred to me as well.

        1. The son of a bitch talking in this video is a f-king traitor by definition. And when he says you can’t, he emphasizes because they will put you in jail. They are not f-king figures of speech.
          I am seeing a piss poor pathetic attempt to revitalize the Libertarian Party, the alternative 14th Amendment corporate apparatus designed for nothing more than a coward’s way of pretending to resist, while perpetuating the treason.
          This isn’t f-king rocket science. You are either for the ratified law of the Bill of Rights, the common law courts, and zero tolerance for violations, or you are a traitor who will be tried under that law in those courts for treason and sedition.
          Cease the mealy mouthing mother f-king shit. I see the agenda afoot as clear as I see the sun.
          What are we going to do? We are going to enforce the absolute superior law of this land and rip these mother f-kers apart with our 2nd Article liberty teeth.
          Stop trying to play word games through subtle double speak bullshit or go somewhere else.

    2. Got to thinking about the word “ally.” Here’s something interesting about its origin:

      “Origin: Middle English, from Old French alier, from Latin alligare: bind together”


  6. I dont expect a damn thing from anybody anymore EXCEPT my own people, the American National. In my world, all protection comes from them, nobody else. It seems so obvious to me and I hope all others that our enemy is everybody else. Nobody in an American court house is my friend in alliance with me, period. All of us must start to think in this way, in everyday living.

    These traitors have shown me nothing that gives me piece of mind, it’s so obvious now how our forefathers have thought all of this through. They all experienced what we are experiencing now, hence Lexington, Virginia! You must be missing brain matter if you cant see it.

    This is a great video. Power to the 2nd Article, death to the new world order.

    1. I mean for Christ Sake people, they just removed the urinals from a Portlant, Oregon public building to accommodate some waterhead fag tranny so he feels better ? It cost us $195,000,000. Did anybody ask us? Did we have anything to say about this garbage?

      This is being done so traitors look good in front of who exactly?

    2. A great video in that it draws a great picture of exactly what we are up against. I completely agree that guns are mandatory in returning us to sanity and well being, this is not represented at all here, too bad.

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