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WTF! Bill Gates Depopulation Plans Caught On Camera MONSANTO, FOOD RIOTS, EUGENICS

Published on Jun 18, 2013 by TheGoldenAgeOfUs

Bill Gates on people that “have no benefit whatsoever”. The troubling history of Bill Gates Sr “one of the grandfathers of eugenics still going strong today” in the US. ABC reports tens of thousands of women across the States from 1929 to 1974 forcibly sterilized. The Times notes Gates Jr has held a secret billionaire summit with Michael Bloomberg and George Soros to “curb overpopulation”.

Why is Gates buying millions of dollars in shares of Monsanto and funding sterilization programs, Monsanto’s response to our interview request, and what happens to scientists who cross the genetically modified cyclops.

Seek truth from facts with investigative reporter Anthony Gucciardi, How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Crisis author Frederick Kaufman, Genetic Roulette director Jeffrey Smith, and chairman of Nestle Peter Brabeck-Letmathe.


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2 Responses to WTF! Bill Gates Depopulation Plans Caught On Camera MONSANTO, FOOD RIOTS, EUGENICS

  1. Cynicles says:

    Bill Gates has always been corrupt. He made billions from information he ripped off.

  2. Nottoobitter says:

    He is the one who lives behind a wall and gates. He spent millions making his house a prison. All that money he has is fake/baseless. Not one person in the world likes Bill the man just gates the billionaire. He must be one sad/lonely SOB. Poor chinese slave workers have more skills than this pile o sh!t. How many computers has he built? NONE. No wonders he want the population smaller. Too many use-full people in comparison.

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