WTF!? Mr Jonez SIngle-Handedly Destroyed Himself in this Street Interview


Jan 24, 2020

Who could possibly still support Jonez after this? From a Liberty perspective, this is REALLY bad. Supporting a tyrant who gives Treasury oversight to a Zio-Banker, supports poisoning the water supply and takes away firearms? One wonders what Trump would have to do to make Jonez withdraw his support?!?

7 thoughts on “WTF!? Mr Jonez SIngle-Handedly Destroyed Himself in this Street Interview

  1. Here’s the problem, Trump is the enemy. Why are we wasting life’s time fiddling around with any other type of dialog? Oh that’s right, we have a huge grocery list of items being sold on my you tube site that makes me over 50,000 a year when I skirt around and play these 3 card monte word games, and sound like I actually give a shit…

    When will this cluster fk, self righteous closet traitor bone up and get down? Answer, never, hes in it for the cash… when the rubber meets the road, this clown will fold like a soggy kleenex…

    1. Yeah, and he can talk tough now that he’s back in his garage or wherever; he can criticize AJ and analyze what went on, but will he address his enormous missed opportunity? He could have called Alex out on his gatekeeping of Jews/Israel. And he could have addressed the “Arabs run Hollywood,” debacle. And he could have immediately pointed out Alex’s obvious and stupid double-speak on the free speech issue. No, he waited ’till he got home, safe, cozy, captain of his domain, ALONE. Why’s he tellin’ us when he coulda just told Alex? Says what AJ says about the deep state is “illogical.” What seems “illogical” to me is not taking advantage of a rare moment to get in the face of one of the most deceptive public figures to ever come along. Ef ’em both.


  2. A lifelong Democrat until just before the election and beholding to the Saudis and Kushners for bailing him out again for his bankruptcies and has given Zionist Izzrrahheelll more than a $100 Billion and America can’t even get it’s roads fixed because of lack of funds

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