Yahoo comment section removed! What happend to Yahoo comments and why article commenting suspended?

Jul 23, 2020

Lets talk about the recent news about the Yahoo comments section!
As you probably know, Yahoo has disabled comments below articles so you can’t leave your opinion anymore, if you disagree with some articles!
Yahoo says following “Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.”:
But lots of people are not agree with this statement and with Yahoo blocking comments! Cause now people have no free speech on this website, so it doesn’t seem right!
Many Yahoo users pushed away by this move, cause Yahoo comments is what they were interested in! And now when comments are suspended, they have nothing to do with Yahoo!
And my personal opinion here is that it’s really not good for Yahoo reputation! I know that now is tense time, but anyway people should have an opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts. And comments is a good and safe place to do that!

7 thoughts on “Yahoo comment section removed! What happend to Yahoo comments and why article commenting suspended?

  1. When the comment section shows that others are awakening
    When the comment section shows the people they are not alone in their anger against their government and it’s propaganda
    When the comment section goes against the grain of the site’s propaganda

    What do you think they would do ?

    Yahoo and any other suppressors of speech should feel the pain when their policies do not align with the people or our BoR

    Yahoo news needs to go into the trash bin of communism

  2. It isn’t just Yahoo and mainstream media. Paul Craig Roberts has not only banned comments on his own sites, but also on sites featuring his posts, such as UnzReview. Some so-called “journalists” just can’t handle criticism. And he’s not the only one, but he is more well known than most. Then on other sites you have to login or pay to play (WhatReallyHappened, etc.)

  3. I got banned from yahoo comments years ago. No surprise to me. Censorship is in their blood. They were one of the first website years ago in 2008 to start the censorship game. They can suck it.

  4. Yahoo wants the masses to believe what they write. The blind leading the blind. Freedom suppressed- get use to it if the Dumbocrates get in power.

    1. Yeah, you better go sign your secret envelope and vote. Make sure those corporate communists that have pissed all over the ratified law of the Bill of Rights stay in there.
      And what, you are just going to let those ‘Dumbocrates’/communist marxists have their way with you?
      We outnumber these mother f-kers a thousand to one. We are the largest armed force to ever exist on this planet. So, unless we are balless and spineless, we will shoot all of these communists out of this country, the corporate communists and the marxists.
      There are no democrats, there are no republicans, no left, no right, no conservatives, no liberals. There is just the absolute ratified law of we the people called the Bill of Rights or we are without law.
      I know this is really going to hurt you. We are the final check and balance. You may have already taken the knee, but don’t pretend to speak for anyone else. I can still stand up. I have a spine, so I don’t give a f-k who the jew puppet is.
      The common law Bill of Rights will be championed by the multitudes and we will prevail.

      1. Comments were stopped for one simple reason. Yahoo routinely posts half truths and outright lies from themselves , and other far left sources. Too many viewers were standing up to their BS in the comments section. Yahoo’s Marxist leaders do not want any pushback to their propaganda, especially in an election year. You viewers are being silenced so only communist front views may be shown.

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