Yellow Vest violence breaks out beside Paris tomb of Napoleon

Daily Mail

A bank was attacked, a government building was vandalised and rioting broke out next to Napoleon Bonaparte’s tomb as 84,000 anti-government Yellow Vests demonstrated all over France for the 10th weekend in a row.

Protesters threw firecrackers, bottles and stones at police who used tear gas, water cannon, flash ball guns and baton charges to push them back at Les Invalides, where the body of the former French emperor and military leader lies in a sarcophagus underneath a golden dome.  

According to official figures, the biggest demonstration on Saturday occurred in the southern city of Toulouse, where around 10,000 people took part. The demonstration turned violent as evening fell, as protesters vandalised a bank and other shops.

Eight people were injured and there were 23 arrests.

There were also disturbances in Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille, while the local government building was attacked in Angers, northwest of Paris.

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2 thoughts on “Yellow Vest violence breaks out beside Paris tomb of Napoleon

  1. So come on, we all know this is another controlled opposition thing, so who is financing it? George Soros?

    As much as I’d like to believe this is real, history has shown these events to be staged or controlled.

    1. As much as I too, would like to hope, I think you are right. However no one has claimed any responsibility for this uprising. Those who foment these false flags like to be remembered by history as they eventually let ego/money get the best of them. This appears to be big., so I’m wondering why we haven’t been notified yet.

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