YES! African Leaders Stand Up! Tanzania & Madagascar

May 20, 2020
The leaders of Tanzania & Madagascar are pushing back and bringing the evidence! I cover two stories that make me believe there could be a shift in “Global Health” away from predatory pharma companies. Africa has been so abused by that system for so long, it is GREAT to hear leaders push back during this pandemic!

2 thoughts on “YES! African Leaders Stand Up! Tanzania & Madagascar

  1. That was a fun presentation to listen to, but I’m sorry, I have to ask.
    Did the Tanzanian herbal tea cure the papaya?
    Do any of you who use colloidal silver water have the slightest fear of the so called Covid 19?
    They put some bad ass flues out there this year but what the hell could Covid 19 be, a mysterious virus that some people have without even noticing it and others drop dead in the street? And all this at the time they are putting the 5G in.
    Do any of you think that these scientific experts do not know that colloidal silver water flat ass kills viruses? Sometimes not by the teaspoonful, but you chug a half of a pint jar every three hours until the virus disappears at the worse within a few days, and they know it, even viruses and bacteria. They have to spray us with a hundred different flues and colds to keep us perpetually sick.
    I guess the point is, if you test for something and it exists but doesn’t exist at the same time, well that is an impossibility… or a parallel universe.
    I believe the African fella was flat telling the truth about the papaya. I think the Tanzanian fella had an herbal tea that kicks the shit out of flues and colds. But in the end equation, if they were not purposely creating viruses and bacteria to kill us, with just a little bit of colloidal silver, nobody would even have a cold. Sure as hell isn’t any money in that, is there?
    Anyway, it was a cool video.

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