5 thoughts on “Yes, There Is a Government Troll Training Program

  1. Alright…
    I think I’ve finally found a prospective job opportunity.
    Besides being a Wal-Mart door greeter …insulting customers.

    I can be a troll…!

    In fact I’m going change my online name tag from flee.


    flee (AKA Shrek)

    Then I’m going to spray paint myself fluorescent lime green.

      1. Thank you Katie….
        I can really feel the love today.

        Actually I’m doing framing now in the shade on the south side of my hillbilly trailer.

        In between jokes.

        I half to go out into the hot sun to get a descent signal on my dumbphone.

        So you are kind of correct.

        But actually my brain is only half baked today.

        Since I’ve been working in the shade.

        But I’ll get to the other half before the end of the day.

        Just so I can achieve maximum efficiency.

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