Yes We Will Elect Ron Paul President!

NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT are treaties/laws that pay American based international companies to dismantle American industry and move it out of our country.  This is economic treason and should be front and center in the discussion for the candidates for president in 2012.  These trade agreements represent the corporate takeover of the United States government and rather than address them directly, all the talk is about surviving in spite of them.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that is offering a solution to these unconstitutional legislations.  Under the United States Constitution the job of our government is to jealously protect our industry.  To try and repeal NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT in the face of a treasonous Congress would seem an impossibility.  However, what if these unconstitutional laws were negated simply though enforcement of the Constitution and were replaced with tariffs on the foreign businesses created as a result of the treason?

Every time someone brings this up it is immediately countered by the assertion that there would be trade wars.  Poppy cock!  These foreign businesses cannot engage in a trade war with the United States.  Why?  Because it is our natural resources which are making the foreign businesses possible.  Right now the bulk of the world economy is being supported through the theft of our natural resources.

Look at some of the proposals being put forth by literally every GOP candidate but Ron Paul.  They all want to tap into our oil reserves, saying it will create jobs.  When it comes to the point that the only jobs we Americans have is extracting our natural resources to be given to the rich international elitists and then put on the world market for sale to the highest bidder, we are reduced to a third world status.  People, this is the definition of a third world country.

When we talk about pulling ourselves out as a cog in the world economic machine and reestablishing ourselves as an American machine, we are called isolationists.  Look around the world.  What is destroying other countries, Greece, Italy, and Spain?  They are being destroyed through their participation in international commerce through international banking.

Our country is rich in resources.  We could not only survive, but thrive without the help of anyone.  We need nothing from the rest of the world.  On the other hand, the rest of the world wants everything we’ve got.

When we restore our Republic under our Constitution our interests will once again be our self interests.  We can still help other peoples around the world and engage in trade.  The only difference will be we the people will dictate the conditions thereof instead of the IMF, WTO, CFR, United Nations, Carnegies, and Bilderbergers.

This is the United States of America.  It was handed down to the people of the United States from our forefathers.  It is ours for our benefit and no other’s.  This is the reality we must reestablish in order to save our country and its resources for our progeny.

We must refuse the elite who are at present telling us that we cannot elect Dr. Paul as our president.  Think about that statement.  These people truly think that they already rule us and it is time we shove that assertion down their throats until it comes out their arses.  Look at the statement closely.  1% of our population is telling a heavily armed 99%, “No you can’t.”  This goes beyond arrogance.  It is an affront that must be put back in their faces.  We must tell them, “Oh yes we can and we will, even if we have to destroy every one of you in the process.”

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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