‘You Are Embarrassing Yourself!’ Hannity Guest Berates Juan Williams Over Zimmerman Case

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To say Juan Williams and Leo Terrell disagreed on tonight’s Hannity would be a vast understatement. Terrell agreed with Fox News host Sean Hannity – for the first time, ever – about the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial.

Zimmerman was acquitted of murder for shooting teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida. While he respects the verdict, Williams charged that it “lacks a sense of wisdom or compassion for the fact of a dead child and the suffering that the parents and that community have gone through.”

Terrell jumped at Williams’ comments, arguing that compassion doesn’t belong in the courtroom. “Shame on you, Juan Williams. You’re not a lawyer. Let me be clear, as a civil rights attorney, there was not a race case here at all and the jury got it right.”

Shouting at this point, Terrell said, “It’s embarrassing for me as an African American to hear Juan Williams, MSNBC, CNN talk about this case as a race case. […] Don’t use this case as a race case unless you’re trying to hustle people to make money. I’m sick of this!”

“Well, I think that’s so far off.  I don’t even know where to start,” Williams responded.

When he tried to explain his points, Terrell interjected, “You are embarrassing yourself!”

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4 thoughts on “‘You Are Embarrassing Yourself!’ Hannity Guest Berates Juan Williams Over Zimmerman Case

  1. The state didn’t prove it’s case beyond a reasonable doubt. They may have done that on purpose because they obviously wanted Zim to walk. Media was inciting riots long before the verdicy was in.

  2. Nothing’s working.
    The Sandy Hook debacle was exposed in days, and resulted in a mass-armament of the citizenry, contrary to their plans.
    The Boston Marathon hoax exposed the evil of our government to millions more.
    Now the Treyvon Martin non-riots are forcing them to realize that they’ve lost control of an awakening population, and they’re shaking in their boots.

    Good. It sounds like we’re finally going to see a few necks get stretched.

  3. Unfortunately, but as predicted, all of the negative negro stereotypes are being played out at full force. Mr. Terrell is one of the very few who a true asset to his race and a true citizen to boot. Hoping more ‘Terrells’ begin speaking up.

  4. Juan Williams is so very predictable, and usually wrong. I’m glad that one of his peers took him to task.

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