You Are Exposed to 31 Nuclear Power Plants That Have Never Been Upgraded to the Necessary Safety Standards. Fukushima Hadn’t Either.

Before It’s News

Proof That The Media Are Misdirecting You From Real Issues That Could Seriously Affect You – Learn How to Read the News Here.

Quite a lot of Journalism is “connecting the dots”, often mistakenly seen as ‘cut & paste’. But if the dots had not been connected before, and reveal the truth, then the definition of real Journalism, instead of what the government wants you to know, comes closer to that of ‘creativity’ which is connecting two or more dissimilar ideas in a new way to get the reader closer to the truth.  

First, how often are you reminded that Fukushma I was the first nuclear plant to be designed, constructed and run in conjunction with GENERAL ELECTRIC, BOISE, and not just the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)?

There are 31 General Electric-built Mk I and Mk II boiling water reactor units across the US – the same kinds that failed in Fukushima.

Since the Japanese crisis nearly two years ago, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has become acutely concerned about the safety of these US reactors in the event of a natural disaster. Click here for a map of where the 31 General Electric plants are

This whole story has been “downplayed” right from the beginning it appears, largely because there are obviously further pieces of information – more dots to connect.

The General Electric Fukishima plant was of course built by the same General Electric that built “similar” plants in the U.S.

Most news reports about the Fukishima disaster concentrate on the amount of nuclear ‘waste’ from Fukushima, playing the ‘blame game’ while never calling it ‘radiation fallout’ because it wasn’t an aerial nuclear explosion but a ground ‘meltdown’, like Chernobyl…

But Three-Mile Island is never mentioned! And ‘General Electric’ only popped up near the beginning the catastrophe two years ago, but now?

Learning to read is also learning to remember what you were told before the story changes…

So here we are today being led to believe that ONLY Japan is at fault and how THEIR mistakes are threatening the Pacific ocean and us.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, ”modifications and upgrades for safety considerations have been made to U.S. plants based upon industry experience and strengthened regulations…”

But the hydrogen containment vents, the likely cause of the explosions at Fukushima, have NOT been installed in U.S. Nuclear plants.

THAT’S a little closer to you and your family, and it’s always about money.

The filters are required in Japan and much of Europe, but U.S. utilities say they are unnecessary and expensive at between $16m and $40 per plant.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, (NRC) the federal watchdog of the industry “required plants to have additional equipment and procedures in place to avert or lessen any possible damage that could come from an explosion or large fires”, but this has not been done, it costs too much to protect you from anything like that happening in the U.S.

Make up your own mind. Check It out. Do some research – it’s easy and costs nothing.

Have you been informed of that “installation oversight’ on the part of the U.S. Nuclear regulators AND General Electric by anyone else beside the ‘alternative media’?

Summary: This is the unreported “downplay” on the U.S. Side – American nuclear power plants have not upgraded the ventilation systems at 31 reactors with designs similar to those that melted down two years ago in Japan, under a Nuclear Regulatory Commission order that stops short of requiring filtered vents, as some safety advocates and NRC’s staff had urged.

Here’s how the news gets to you by the Main Stream Meadia (MSM), a typical “Nuclear Waste” story (by Lance Devon with comments by me).

First, the Blame Game – it’s all a Japanese cock-up…

“Breaking news from Tokyo, Japan confirms that levels of cancer-causing cesium-134 are showing up in groundwater samples at rates 90- 110 times higher than all previous readings at the Fukushima disaster zone. The announcements are coming from the Tokyo Electric Power company (TEPCO) who has been monitoring the battered Fukushima nuclear power plant. Scientists believe it could take up to forty years to clean up the nuclear waste. The new high level readings of cesium-134 may mean that the destruction has just begun and that the Pacific ocean is set to become “the ultimate sponge” for this nuclear disaster.”
Then comes the “Little Truth” to cover the “Big Lie” as we Conspiracists like to point out:

“Tokyo Power Plant is downplaying the new high levels of nuclear radioactive waste even though the high caesium readings are coming from groundwater nearby the battered Fukushima plant, the Tokyo Electric Power company is refusing to comment on the origins of the high cesium-134 levels and this has many up in arms, criticizing TEPCO.”

Now enter the Japanese “Good Guys” who have their say, playing the ‘Blame Game’ internally with TEPCO, so the Japanese public has someone specifically Japanese to blame:

“A Japan nuclear watchdog, the Nuclear Regulation Authority, has condemned the Tokyo Electric Power company for not coming out and warning the public of the origins of the high caesium levels.”

“The Nuclear Regulation Authority said in its review, “It is strongly suspected that highly concentrated contaminated waste water has leaked to the ground and has spread to the sea.”
“TEPCO is underplaying the new findings, as they fail to identify the origins and destination of the toxic groundwater. (Could it have been the Fukushima nuclear power plant?)

“The Nuclear Authority believes the toxic groundwater is directly flowing into the Pacific Ocean and are calling for further investigation. Urging for a detailed explanation from TEPCO, they are tired of the disaster being downplayed.

“Regardless, TEPCO says the contaminated groundwater is likely to be contained in its current location by concrete foundations and steel sheets. This idea seems strange, due to groundwater’s pervasive downstream flowing ability, directly into the Pacific Ocean. As the emergency of the situation continues to be disregarded, many are wondering what’s going on behind closed doors as the ordeal becomes hush-hush.”

And there you have it – No General Electric – who? Origins of the Caeseum? Water flows downhill? Tired of the disaster being downplayed? Of course your news is not ‘manipulated’…

When do Americans get to be ‘tired’ of being lied to like this? It’s subtle, but it’s deliberate and still lies that leave YOU exposed to nuclear power plants that have not been upgraded to the necessary safety standards.

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