Aug 19, 2020
As f0r y0ur educ4ti0n, y0u’re pr3tty much 0n y0ur 0wn. Y0u will h4ve t0 d0 a l0t of reading, a l0t 0f research, 4nd a l0t of thinking in 0rder t0 disc3rn re4ity fr0m the f4k3 hist0ry y0u’re b3ing taught in sch00l, and fr0m the f4k3 n3ws th4t p3rm34t3s 0ur s0ci3ty.

One thought on “YOU ARE lDl0T IF…

  1. This “sounds” good but it’s still on Youtube because it’s basically shill propaganda that supports the left/right divide system of party politics. Henry Makow (a jew) has been pumping out “truth” mixed with crap like this for years. This bit that started at 2:17 pretty much stopped me watching any more –

    “If you’re a black person who supports Black Lives Matter, then it is vitally important for you to realize that you are being used as shock troops – cannon fodder, if you will – by the very people whose policies do you the most harm (Democrats and teacher’s unions) against the very people whose policies do you the most good – conservatives and Trump supporters.”

    It’s the old “us or them” (and nothing in between or outside of it) all over again. The REAL awakening is becoming true independent individuals again separate to ALL their little divide & conquer traps & therefore separate to ALL their control mechanisms! And that’s what they don’t want! Be aware, especially of ANY videos & users still able to keep all their videos up on Youtube after the great purge of 2019 (and beyond)!

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