You might be an “American DUMB ass” if… Cont.

you believe AG Eric Holder will find himself guilty.

you believed Governor Jerry Brown would be different this time around.

you believe Iran will use a nuclear weapon, on any country.

you believe the USA would not. (see WWII)  

you believe that “to Protect and Serve” was meant for you, even though it disappeared from the squad cars.

you believe that “Crybaby Boehner” will do the right thing for you.

you believe that Lindsey Graham is straight.

you believe that it’s okay to teach your child 2+2 = 4 in the 1st grade, then the 2nd, and the 3rd, 4th, and maybe the 5th. (See refresher for summer break)

you believe that teachers nowadays still care for your children’s education.

you believe that once congress leaves their positions, that will be the end of that.

you believe that congress rights their own bills.

you believe that genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) is no different than organic food.

you believe that hollow point bullets are great for target practice.

you believe that congress will fix the debt before the USA collapses.

you believe it’s never about the money.

you believe the IRS hires people to help you.

you believe that once the government provides you with education, healthcare, a house and a car, that they won’t bother asking you for anything in return. (see 100% tax)


3 thoughts on “You might be an “American DUMB ass” if… Cont.

  1. You believe Michael Hastings died in an accident.
    You believe Andrew Brietbart died of natural causes.
    You believe Brietbarts coroner wasn’t poisoned.
    You believe Aaron Swartz actually hung himself.
    You believe building 7 fell demo style at free fall speed because of a few fires.
    You believe Vince Foster committed suicide in a park.
    You believe all these trains towing oil tanks blowing up are an accident.
    You believe what you believe because you watch MSM.
    The list goes on and on……

  2. People always find it funny that I graduated early from high school and I always reply with
    “By tenth grade I already knew which state was which and how to divide fractions. It was eleventh when I learned to roll a good joint.”
    good to see the 2+2=4 being taught multiple years in a row on any kind of list. Hard to believe some people still fail.

    ok 4th post with 13+9=22 to funny considering this post.

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