You might be an “American DUMB ass” if…

you believe that China is a greater threat for the USA, but continue buying products made in China.

you believe we have a two party government.

you believe that desperate people do desperate things, and governments don’t.

you believe the mainstream media isn’t totally honest with you, but still continue to watch their programs.  

you believe that Obama was born in Hawaii.

you believe the mainstream media can call the presidential elections with only 1% to 5% of the votes counted, and continue to believe that voting is not rigged.

you believe that the corporate earnings are getting better because the financial gurus said so, while you feel bad for those nearly 50% unemployed recipients on welfare.

you believe that the NSA is protecting you.

you believe that counterfeit money is a crime, but have no problem spending the federal reserve notes everyday.

you believe your friend confuses you when talking about economics so you rely on Ben Bernanke to explain it in a way you can understand.

You believe that by sending politicians your money to help their cause in defending us is ok, but never once ask them if “isn’t that part of your job already”?

you believe that congress is fighting for you.

you believe that Banks will protect your money. (See Cyprus)

you believe that governments will too.

you believe that sociopaths are harmless if you just avoid them. (See government)

you believe that it’s normal for clouds in the sky to form grid like patterns.

you believe that war is the only way to peace.

you believe that if you punch your neighbor in the face, he’ll just go away.

you believe that if he punches you back, it will just end there.

you believe that giving your kids iPods and iPads that it will improve their education.

you believe that watching NASCAR events that make 500 circles is exiting, but you can only stand so much agony when your child draws circle after circle on paper with crayon.


7 thoughts on “You might be an “American DUMB ass” if…

  1. Lol. Nice!
    You forgot to add that when men feel like women, its okay for them to use the women’s restroom.

  2. Or if you believe that the DHS is keeping you safe from terrorists – aka “government’ (so-called).

    If you believe that TSA performs a neccessary public service.

    If you believe that the first thing you should do in an emergency is call 911.

    If you believe that the war in Afghanistan was about getting rid of the Taliban in favor of promoting ‘democracy’.

    If you believe the war in Iraq was about deposing a ‘dictator’.

    If you believe the war in Lybia was also about deposing a ‘dictator’.

    If you believe that Iran is trying to build the bomb to destroy Israhell.

    If you believe GMOs are safe, because Monsanto tells us they are.

    If you believe Monsanto is a benevolent corporation, with only your best interests at heart.

    If you believe vaccines are safe, and absolutely necessary to keep us healthy.

    If you believe SSRI’s are safe. And necessary.

    If you believe that HFCS, aspartame and MSG are all safe.

    If you believe fluoridated water contaminated with pharmaceuticals is safe to drink.

    If you believe there is a ‘safe’ level of radiation in our environment, as well as in our food.

    If you believe that 19 Muslims unerringly flew two ‘planes’ into two towers in NYC, something one of the best pilots in the world, John Lear, said he couldn’t have done.

    If you believe the Patriot Act was enacted to keep us ‘safe’ from
    Muslim ‘terrorists’.

    If you believe the Zionist AshkeNAZI so-called ‘jews’ are God’s Chosen, and that the land they’ve stolen from the Palestinians rightfully belongs to them.

    If you believe Oswald killed Kennedy.

    And finally, if you believe Janet Napolitano really IS a woman.

    O.K., so that last one might be a bit of an exaggeration.

    Don’t be too sure, though.

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