You Will Never Take My Rights Away

Over the last 30 years a very disturbing change has occurred in the way the average American views their rights. It has become more and more common for people to be willing to vote away their neighbor’s rights, as long as the aforementioned vote does not affect them personally.

Non smokers watch an anti-smoking add on their television and feel perfectly justified in their voting to incorporate or raise a tax on tobacco. I myself do not smoke, and never have smoked cigarettes, but I would never be self-centered enough to try to enact a law that singles out a certain portion of the population to pay more than their share.

Another example of this “divide and conquer” strategy being used against the citizens of this country is the new junk food tax that is beginning to be integrated throughout the country. Now all of the health nuts in this country get a chance to stick their noses up in the air and cast a ballot to stick it to their fat neighbor.

Since when did we start taxing people for not “living right”? And how have we let ourselves become so divided? The ones who benefit the most from these morality taxes are the insurance companies who want their clients to be as healthy as possible, so they can make as healthy a profit as possible. All the bastards have to do is run some bogus add campaign, vilifying some product, and the sheep of this country fall in line and stick their neighbor in the back. What is the end result of this betrayal from our fellow citizens? The rich get richer and the poor pay more taxes.

It’s time to wake up people. You must be willing to stand up and fight not only for your rights, but also your neighbors rights as well, no matter how much his or her lifestyle may offend you. This country was founded as a Republic, by people who did not want to see their rights voted away by an ignorant majority. We need to start working towards the good of the common citizen, and stop dancing to the tune of the insurance companies. Remember, when you vote away someone else’s rights, the next rights to go may be your own.

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