3 thoughts on “Young Camp Girls Forced into Unimaginable Scenario Involving Trans Men

  1. Home school and still pay school taxes that fund this egregious f**king BS???
    I say we find the school super and board members and publicly stone them.

  2. Read the fine print, it was probably there. Parents probably didn’t read any of the waiver, just signed. “Hooray science camp”!
    As a kid, my mom wouldn’t let me have any sleepover til I was like 13, her dad didn’t let her have them either. I am now a skeptical mom who won’t let my kid go to sleepovers, hell, even ride their bike past a none close neighbors house.
    We live in a sick world.
    I am ever vigilant, much to my kids’ dismay. But they know, I sugar coat nothing, you just cant.

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