Young Girls Convulse On The Floor After HPV Shot

Published on Sep 2, 2015 by The Alex Jones Channel

This was sent to me on Twitter it shows young girls having convulsions after receiving the HPV vaccine.

Here is a link to the original Facebook post…

Here is a translation of the text
Girls Carmen de Bolivar, district caracoli with disorders that come vaccine Pots warned in written or technical records. syncope tonic clonic movements. . . In this population volunteer doctors #NEUROLOGOS deals #CAARDIOLOGOS # This population is completely neglected by the health system. the story of the person who shot this video shows the anguish that exists in this population 👀 eyes of the world turn to see governments taking the decision to continue with the application of this vaccine either #Gardasil or #cervarix. How can this keep happening? . Do not understand how the interest is clearly not the protection of underage girls is violating their right to healthy, full of his age. WHERE IS THE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS, UNICEF, Volten and look at the reality of more than 40mil victims. WORLDWIDE. It is no coincidence ALL GIRLS AND HEALTHY LIVES WITH DISABILITIES IN ORDER TO BRING THEIR VACCINE COTIDIANOS.DESPUES DAYS. #VPH #MEXICO #NO #MAS #VACUNA #To #PAPILOMA #HUMANO. 3RD WEEK VACCINATION 6 to 10 OCTUBTE AROUND THE COUNTRY. CHECK OUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN COLOMBIA AND IN MANY COUNTRIES MEXICO be calculated automatically. IF YOUR DAUGHTER …. ??? NO MORE RUSSIAN ROULETTE. The images are real and speak for themselves. #NO # 🚫💉 Human Papillomavirus

One thought on “Young Girls Convulse On The Floor After HPV Shot

  1. Any parent who allows their child to get this poisonous vaccine should be required to wear a cow bell around her neck just to warn people that someone really stupid is approaching.

    HPV is as common as the common cold. Everyone gets it and builds up immunity to it. Only a small fraction of one percent of women ever get cancer attributed to this virus, and that is limited to women with severely compromised immune systems — which can occur from stuff in vaccines.

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