Young students know the dangers of vaccines


March 19, 2021

Todays so-called ‘vaccines’ are not for your health; they are bioweapons meant to harm and kill you. These school-aged children know!

5 thoughts on “Young students know the dangers of vaccines

  1. If anybody trys to give you a shot,and Im not there, you grab your dads gun and blow their head off, understand son? You do it just like I showed you, understand?

    Your dad will fix things later.

  2. buncha damn White spremaciss all I see! probably pray every night after eating vegetables… at the table.. with mom AND dad!!

    1. Is this supposed to be a joke comment? Our greatest threat, obviously, may not be from government, but from our ignorant, stupid, Bill of Rights hating fellow American!

  3. Thank you for sharing this!
    Kids see everything very literally, plain and obvious, and it’s a beautiful thing. They call it like they see it without muddying the waters with extraneous garbage that’s been introduced to them over the years. I love brutal honesty; yet, I struggle at times to convey information to my 2 young kids. I lead by example and usually end with “go with your gut”, “do unto others”, “call it like you see it”. I pray I’m doing enough, but I won’t settle for enough.

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