YOUR Children. YOUR Choice.

Published on Aug 22, 2019

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7 thoughts on “YOUR Children. YOUR Choice.

  1. Most of my family and friends still line their kids up for this. It breaks my heart but I’m powerless to influence, no matter what info I share, it’s dismissed. The medical brainwash is as severe as the religious, the political, and the media. Well, perhaps, slowly, the tide will turn. An unwashed brain so clearly understands.



    1. I hear you loud and clear! We had our kids vaccinated in the pre-teen years since programs they wanted to join required vaccinations, (plus we home schooled them) and DPT only, no boosters. My son, however, has let his own children become baby vaccinated (mostly because his wife wanted it that way…heck she even wants us to get flu shots! Bwahahah…don’t like lying but fact is neither me nor my hubby get flu shots and our son knows this)…we’ll wait and see what happens to our grandkids but if they wind up ADHD or whatever it’s on our son and especially on his wife, who insists on vaccinations!

    2. This is where the beginning of the inhumanity must kick in. If something happened to one of the children, I would go to the person I had warned and tell them they did it and then spit on them and walk away. No mercy for wanton ignorance.

  2. Here’s ta you Galen and DL. Let’s just go bad, effem! Whatya say?

    You can tell em bout the vaccines and the fake clouds in the sky
    You can tell em bout the plans they got, and even tell em why
    You can bullhorn to a brick wall, until the day you die
    And thatÔÇÖs why starting to day IÔÇÖm quittin, you know why?

    IÔÇÖm gonna be a faaaster pastor, gonna have me a mega church
    Gonna have me a flock of sheeple, real dumb- with a high net worth
    They throwin hundreds at me, as I make it out the back
    To my customized gold plated turbo Caddilac

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