3 thoughts on “Your TV might be Watching you!

  1. If the TV (or computer) has the capability to watch you, I’m sure someone is taking advantage of it, or will if they want to.

    Fourth amendment? Fourth amendment to what?

    It’s not as if anyone pays any heed to the constitution anymore. It’s only something they have to verbally dance around rather than physically dance on top of.

  2. We will never regain or FREEDOMS unless WE take them back!!!! I’m going to remind ya’ll once again, our Congress is acting in name ONLY, FDR dissolved it in 1933. They’re will not do anything for the RIGHTS of the Citizens except “BLOW SMOKE”……….Congress is controlled by the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank. The day of reckoning is Dec. 23, 2013, the 100 year anniversary of the Fed. & it’s charter renewal date…Study, find the truth & take your Liberty back! Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Truth & Justice

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