You’re Being Duped Again

Forget the silly election results because they’re going to drag that nonsense out longer than the O.J. trial, and when the circus is over they’re going to hand the presidency to Trump, because he still has an important job to do to advance the New World Order.

Before we proceed, it’s best to begin by agreeing on the fact that this world is being run by Zionist international bankers, who’ve been slowly increasing their control over the political processes of all first-world counties for centuries, chiefly by controlling their economies, and draining their wealth via the fractional reserve banking scam. It’s of prime importance to understand who’s pulling all the strings if you want to guess where this world is going next, because your best guess will be based on what they’ve done in the past, which will also require some familiarity with real history (not the “history” you were taught in school). 

What they’re probably going to be calling “the election fraud scandal” is just the latest step in the process of convincing Americans that Trump is the only government employee who isn’t corrupt, incompetent, and criminal. He’s emerging in the eyes of all Americans as only possible salvation for this country, and it’s all been scripted to have you accept, if not worship Trump as your new dictator. He’ll always retain the title of “president”, but you’ll see a vast increase and centralization of federal power.

There’s no need to re-write what I wrote four years ago, but it might be interesting to consider how that plan has progressed.   From the impeachment drama to covid-19, and many attempted scandals in between, we’ve seen four years of Trump being attacked and accused, and one after another, all of his attackers and accusers were revealed to be idiots, liars, criminals, traitors, or all of the above. Trump keeps emerging from endless scandals smelling like a rose, as all of his accusers are revealed to be crooks. As a result of this, the average American is becoming convinced that Trump is the only person who is fit to run this country, and anyone who stands in his way must be a traitor.

The endless media attacks only garner him more more support, because everyone now knows that the media is only a lying propaganda tool that’s been deceiving them for their entire lives. Trump only mentioned “fake news” years after Americans were dumping their cable news subscriptions, and the Nielsen ratings of every TV news outlet had fallen through the floor. He wasn’t revealing anything new; it was a salesman’s appeal to what Americans already knew. The news media have nothing to lose now that their credibility has been destroyed, and they’ve been operating at a financial loss for years anyway.

Subscription cancellations and Nielsen ratings are some of the facts available to us, but if you could sift through every electronic communication as the NSA does, I’m sure you’d have a very accurate assessment of what the American people are thinking.

Naturally, the Zionist media will never reveal or admit this, but we’re the majority now, and this fact has the world’s ruling elite soiling their diapers. Trump is being installed as a means to keep the U.S. population under control by giving them a politician who’s addressing their anger. It’s the same reason Hitler was given to the angry Germans. He was a tool of the international bankers just as Trump is.

The first thing you have to remember, is that they’re experts at manipulating the thoughts and opinions of their various populations, because they’ve been doing it for centuries, and learned the skill from those who did it centuries before they did. On a regular basis they create and report news that never happened, and prevent all manner of important information from ever reaching the public consciousness, because it’s all part of the process of controlling your opinions.

Caesars relied on skilled orators to quiet an angry mob, or incite a peaceful mob to violence if that was needed, but modern propaganda techniques and behavior modification sciences have refined those skills, and unfortunately, human populations have not developed any new means to defend themselves from the invisible controlling force that’s so skillfully and insidiously used against them.

I’m not sure that earlier civilizations were as easily deceived as modern Americans, because when an entire population is staring into a device as diabolical as the television for four hours per day, conditioning their thoughts and behavior is an easy task, and they can slowly be made to believe almost anything you want them to. They’ll love the people they’ve always hated, and respect those they’ve always mocked if that’s what the television wants them to do, and two fine examples of that are homosexuals and police.

Forget all your political or moral views regarding homosexuality for a minute, and instead ask yourself “how can any culture move from despising homosexuals them to glorifying them in the span of one generation? Isn’t this only possible because the age-old process of handing morals and values from parent to child has been interrupted by morals and values being handing down from the television to the child? No other culture in human history has seen such a drastic cultural change in the span of one generation.

I think “The Dukes of Hazzard” was the last time any major entertainment media mocked police, but if you’re old enough to remember much before that time, you’ll recall that it was regular practice in this country, from the Keystone Cops to Smokey and the Bandit. Today, both news and entertainment media always portray cops as intelligent, competent, and infallible, when in reality they’re still stupid, dangerous, and corrupt. This change in how cops are portrayed by the media has given cops a lot of undeserved respect, and it allows them to get away with all manner of crime, while still retaining “hero” status in the eyes of brainwashed idiots everywhere. But again, it’s a drastic change in how the public perceives them that’s occurred in the span of one generation.

All politicians are actors. Don’t waste your time believing anything they say, but instead consider what effect their words will have on the herd population, and this will give you a better guess at what cards the ruling elite will play next.

In a nutshell: Jello-brain Biden is the Democratic candidate because the democrats are throwing the election, and the Trump landslide will give him dictatorial sway over the American people, Trump supporters or otherwise, because all will eventually acquiesce to his rule if they believe that he’s carrying out the will of an overwhelming majority. The landslide victory automatically pre-silences a lot of dissent by making potential dissidents feel like outcasts.

Did it seem to anyone as if the Democrats were even trying to win this election? Their candidate is a child-groping, hair-sniffing, criminal dementia victim who probably won’t live out the year, and his running mate is a communist black female. Not to disparage blacks or females, but this is not a winning strategy for an American presidential election. The candidates were chosen to send voters flocking to Trump, and they did exactly that.

The midnight ballot-stuffing operations were so obvious that they couldn’t have been an honest attempt at vote fraud, but instead they were a device to incite more anger, create a distracting media circus, and once again make everyone but Trump look like a criminal. All the politicians of both parties know that the economy has collapsed, so they’ll play any role that have to in order to ingratiate themselves in the eyes of their Satan-worshiping Zionist masters, hoping for a good job after “The Great Reset”.

The rioting and burning that Trump has promised to end “in minutes”, will allow him to deploy an inestimable number of federal troops on American soil, and the tyranny that follows will all be a result of Americans’ demand for “law and order”.

Please consider this article, because this is an important concept to grasp: Biden Corruption Story Got TWICE as Much Attention Due to Twitter, Facebook Censorship. The same principle applies to a hated news organization constantly attacking Trump. Idiots who still believe the mainstream news will sit back and swallow the lies, but everyone who questions them will flock to the candidate they’re attacking.

The attempts to censor the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which suspiciously unfolded just before the election, resulted in twice as many people investigating the incident on their own, and this phenomenon is well-understood by the Zionist propaganda machine. As I stated previously, they’ve been in the business of controlling populations through propaganda for a long time, and while individuals and small groups are capable of autonomous actions, the population on the whole is entirely predictable, and easily swayed.

We may also have reached a point where everyone who’s not too frightened to understand the truth is already on our side, and what remains of the population will be of little use to our cause regardless of what they know, or believe. Our numbers are overwhelming, and I’m convinced that we’re now in a clear majority, but you have to remember that as long as there are babies to feed and bills to pay, most of our side will remain silent about all they know, and continue to learn more when they have a little time to search the internet outside of Google.

Donald Trump is needed to remain president, because his job is to lead us into, and out of the economic collapse, and then to our destruction in WW3. The bankers may allow Trump to save the economy if that’s needed to keep the population under control, and this can be easily accomplished by printing honest money, but it will be a short-lived prosperity because we’ll be destroyed by war, and probably invaded shortly thereafter.

I believe that our future will unfold this way because that’s exactly what the bankers did in Weimar Republic Germany, by giving them Adolf Hitler when the population was becoming angered by the Zionist control and betrayal of their country.

Hitler didn’t hate Jews. Hitler was a Jew who pretended to hate Jews because the German people wanted a Jew-hating leader. Is there any other way for the bankers to control a population who has become aware of their influence over, and destruction of their nation and culture? If the bankers are to remain in charge of America, the American people must have a leader who promises to end the crime and corruption that angers Americans. That will be enough to keep the people under control until they can be destroyed by extreme poverty and war. Hitler was spirited away to South America as Germany was being destroyed. Maybe Trump will be moved into his old house after his faked death here.
Jolly Roger

“If every nation in the world is in debt, who could they possibly be indebted to?”  – Paul English.

13 thoughts on “You’re Being Duped Again

  1. Your hypothesis dismisses the ten years of work of the people here in these Trenches.
    You do not even speak of the Bill of Rights, the fact that it is the absolute law and authority of we the people as individuals.
    You talk about the masses. I say the masses are being awoken and are exponentially coming to understand that there is no ruling class and that our law is absolute.
    I do not believe ‘those being fooled’ are in the numbers you indicate.
    Bottom line, be it Trump or Biden, they first have to take the guns to remove our authority and this is when they will be slaughtered and we will end Trump and Biden, side by side, after a very short trial as their lies, duplicity, and pedophilia is most certainly no secret.
    You out there who understand your natural rights and your superior authority, do not be swayed. We can simplify this very easily by bringing our law forth and enforcing it with an attitude of zero tolerance. And ten million words arranged in any configuration are not going to change that fact.
    There is not a gun left on the shelf or a box of shells to be bought and before the new world order can succeed, every free man will have to be killed while the highly intelligent among us and the damned determined are working the problem of the corporate aristocracy.
    This can’t go on much longer. Hell, the math won’t let it, and in the end, just like in 1775, it will be balls and brawn, determination and moxy that decide the day.
    We will destroy the enemy and there are just not enough stupid people left to stop us because there are no bounds to the viciousness we will employ in the fight for our homes and our hearths.

  2. There are many who were not fully hypnotized by tv. Many who saw/see through its lies and its steering. Who’s to say they/we are not the majority?

    Re: “…you have to remember that as long as there are babies to feed and bills to pay, most of our side will remain silent about all they know, and continue to learn more when they have a little time to search the internet outside of Google.”

    I disagree, because the level of fed-upedness is reaching fever pitch. We know what they’ve stolen and contaminated and we’re GONNA WIN IT BACK, no matter who sits in that oval office!!!!!!!!!!

    Now who’s been “duped?”


  3. I knew I was being duped when JFK was murdered, I was just a little boy, just got worse and worse and fkg worse.

  4. I met a former army guy today who’s a trained sniper. Working at one of the major stores here in town. He was wearing a shirt that had two rifles crossed and it said 1775 on it. I said, you may have to pick up arms again. He nodded, playing it cool, and said we’ll see. He was holding his cards close to his chest.

    1. There are more than we know. Many vets come back with the realization of the fraud of war. They have a score to settle as do we.

      1. The Vets know first hand how corrupted the government really is and how they lie to cover up what ever they do. They have seen it first hand and then come back home to see freedom and liberty being stripped away as fast as possible at every level of government for that matter. This voting BS is only to make fools continue to think they have a voice in things. The sheep are brainwashed to the max and many are too afraid to accept the reality that is staring them right in the face. I cringe when I hear some idiot say that it cant happen here when it already has. Things are going to get bad and thats a fact that they cant hide from!

          1. Hope that you are well also Mary. The deal with the first 10 remains the same. I think many of us have known for a long time that this was going to eventually be the situation due to the complete lack of integrity displayed across the board by the government. Sad to witness but certainly not a surprise by any means. I,m getting older now but my eyesight is still good and I have kept up with my skills for the party!

      2. “Many vets come back with the realization of the fraud of war. They have a score to settle as do we.”

        Yep, some more then others

  5. The last dupe on me (belief in Christian Zionism) was abolished after 9-11 and especially when “plucky little Israel” couldn’t beat Hezbollah in 2006, began the genocide of Palestinians for real in 2006 locking them up in Gaza for the kill, and when I realized Israel did the USS Liberty in 2006. Nobody, not even Satan, can dupe me now. As usual, Henry is right and I truly believe the vast majority of American Nationals are finally waking up, hopefully for good. Truly, the criminal psycho elites are blowing it big time….as stupid as many Americans are when it comes to math, more and more Americans are “doing the math.”

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