Why You’re Wrong about Communism

Published on Feb 7, 2014 by The Big Picture RT

Jesse Myerson, Salon.com, join Thom Hartmann. For many Americans – communism is a dirty word. But how much do they really know about it – and is communism really as bad as everyone thinks it is?

7 thoughts on “Why You’re Wrong about Communism

  1. That was a complete sham of a presentation. Work on a level equal to a child in middle school. Facts were scarce, continuity of thought was non-existent, comparisons were made with no cohesive standards applied, there was no real challenge to the ideas being presented, nothing was established as to what criteria were going to be applied; just an overall lump of shite clinging to my shoe and smelling up the room.

    Obviously, the strawman argument presented here is that somehow Capitalism and Communism are the only viable alternatives to each other. Capitalism being TAUGHT as the model of a free society is offered as an example of distortion with regard to its true nature (and I would agree that the reality of Capitalism and its evils is NOT a solution to the evils of Communism). The truth here is that both Communism and Capitalism are opposite sides of the same coin of enslavement and control over free men. Somehow, like a small foolish child, pointing out flaws in another (in this case, another political system) somehow eliminates all flaws with your own preferred position, and does away with the necessity to defend the evils perpetrated by those who have actually wielded power under your proposed solution in the real world, and in various forms.

    What is missing in this (if it was in print I would call it “yellow journalism”) presentation is any real discussion outside the false paradigm box of propaganda. When was the last time you heard anyone given an opportunity to extoll the virtues of a Free Market Economy – Free Trade between free men unencumbered by power brokers both inside gubermint AND in the “business” world?
    THAT would be a worthwhile option to put the false Left/Right paradigm in the spotlight, and perhaps allow for real discussion and debate regarding the model of societal life that most would find desirable.
    For that commie bastard to put the evils of the CIA (and they ARE evil) on par with the communist massacres of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot is an insult to thinking folks everywhere. The CIA, the Monarchies and Capitalist countries do not add up to a 10th of the murders committed under Communism. The only form of “governing” or actually just wielding raw power over the entire world that is worse than Communism is the international bankers; who, actually are at the root of both Communism AND Capitalism. Adding up the death and misery they have caused would be a daunting task, indeed.
    So, NO, we do not have a false idea about what Communism is and does, but we also are not under any delusion that Capitalism, being an alternative evil, is exactly as bad as Communism.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what David is showing with this video is the alternative media’s “good guys” (RT and Russia) pumping Communism to Westerners. The alt media, not including this site, has been glorifying Russia and demonizing America. In our search for any vestige of honesty in leadership, many, including myself, have latched onto a hero figure- Putin (and Maria Zaccarova, of course!).
    As Henry says, or to paraphrase, the left pumps Communism and the far right pumps national socialism. Why should we want any of that when we have a Bill of Rights.

    Russia is one of the few countries that prosecutes Holocaust discussions. RT pumps global warming. Just the other side of the same shekel.

  3. I know plenty as I studied it for years with the naive misconception that it could be employed without the Marxist model. 1. There is a cessation of motivation when one does not follow their own path but are simply assigned a role or do not posses the freedom to redefine oneself at will. 2. At the heart of it, it is still the authority of the community as a whole, over the individual will. Bottom line, we were all born, alone, shitting and pissing ourselves, naked for the world to see. We will die, alone, shitting and pissing ourselves. It is our personal experience, not one greater than another. No man will take privilege with him and no man should have it over another in this life. We have a right to be unmolested by every other man. It doesn’t matter if one social order, one ideology is less offensive than another. If that ideology is thrust upon anyone it is a threat to liberty, a threat to my limited experience, living as I choose and so is a threat as dire as a threat to my life; since it will steal the most precious thing we have in this life. My time. We only get what we are given. For someone to take time from another, to prevent them from peacefully enjoying that time as they choose, that should be a crime punishable by death. All authority is evil.

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