YouTube Attacks the 1st Article

We put up a YouTube video yesterday concerning the gun confiscation operation being carried out in Florida.  That video has been removed in violation of the 1st Article of our Bill of Rights.

YouTube is owned by Google that is financed by the CIA.  This is the occupation openly attacking the 1st Article to our Bill of Rights.  This is why we are destined to war if we are to remain free.  

The Zionist jews have taken over absolute control of our communication apparatuses in this country as a prelude to conquest.  We must crush them.

Here is the notice we received from YouTube:

Here is our response to YouTube’s so called legal department:

RE: video removed: Shepard Smith Covers for Florida False Flag

One of my videos was removed in violation of my guaranteed rights under the 1st Article of my people’s Bill of Rights.

YouTube thinks they can limit my due process of the law to a single statement.  You people better get a hold of somebody who knows the law.

I strongly suggest you correct this situation because if you don’t I’ll be going after individuals with federal lawsuits.  I will find out who sits on your corporate board and I will sue them for these blatant violations to my rights.

Here is my response to your illegal infringements on my rights:

Your corporate policy violates the 1st Article to my Bill of Rights. My right to free speech has been violated.

The Constitution for the united States of the Americas is the ultimate authority for the every contract for the license to operate a business in the united States of the Americas.

The 9th Article to the Bill of Rights for the Constitution for the united States of the Americas declares as absolute that no authority can be created by the Constitution that violates the clause for the free speech for the 1st Article for the Bill of Rights.

You as a licensed merchant do not have the authority to create policy that violates the 1st Article for the free speech in the Bill of Rights.

You have violated my 1st Article right to free speech without authority.

My complaint will be against your license to operate.

Furthermore, Shepard Smith is a known public figure. The Supreme Court decision The People vs Larry Flint affirms my absolute right to call Shepard Smith mildly retarded, or even call him a sheep fornicator.

YouTube is in violation of the law and you are going to be held accountable.

Henry Shivley, Free Sovereign National for the united States of the Americas, and in full possession of my absolute rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights for the united States of the Americas.

You have 72 hours to put my video back up.

25 thoughts on “YouTube Attacks the 1st Article

  1. Is there anyway I can help you in this battle, Henry? (sounds like it might be a time-consuming thing)

    I’m sick of these Zionist dirt bags thinking they can control what everyone says and thinks. Good luck with the lawsuit. Any jury that feels like I do will drop millions into your lap.

  2. Connect the dots for YouTube/Google that because they receive a large portion,if not all, of their funding through CIA/US Government that they most certainly may not infringe upon your 1st Amend rights. They are not a private entity and you will be most happy to reveal their truth to the sleeping masses WORLDWIDE!
    We got your back!

  3. Question, Henry….
    Does “discovery” exist under the common law, or is it Admiralty Maritime only? Discovery, if available in your process, would be VERY interesting a few layers back into the financial onion. If possible, I’d love to hear you expound on this aspect this afternoon if you have time or inclination.

    1. If we were under our true form of government, that is the common law, I would be charging the individuals making up the board with sedition. I would then provide the information for the arrest warrant which would go to the grand jury to be fully investigated.
      The hokey way the common law was being conducted prior to the complete shut down was through the procedures outlined in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which absolutely provide for a filing for the discovery.

      1. Thank you, Henry. As you may know, The Hutaree left their Federal attack w/4 Terabytes of discovery documentation. I’m told it’s fascinating reading, and there is enough documented evidence there to rake every dirty rat in the scheme over the coals for all they own. I suspect a validly executed discovery in your process will likely render a significant amount of “fascinating reading”, also.
        May God grant you His blessing in ripping the lid off this can of filth, and making sure all see it in the light of day.

  4. I commend you, but I’ve lost three channels and they just laugh at threats. The first time was simply a video of me spouting anti-war sentiments back in 2007. Very mild and absolutely no copyright infringement.

    I had my channel removed over a video called, “It’s The Jews”.

    You had a video removed. Call out the jew and have your channel removed.

  5. I’ve learned that in preparing for something like this it is important to play Devil’s Advocate with one’s self. That in mind, Henry, I have to ask: Can they just tell you it’s their site and their right to publish or not publish anything they choose, same as you or any other web-site owner can ban anyone from said site? I just wonder if this is an issue they’ll use. Maybe all sites not requiring a password are public domain? Just trying to understand.

    That said, I offer my full support to go the distance for 1A. I so admire your tenacity, clarity, knowledge of our rights. When you stand like this, it becomes a model for many of us who have cowered to a system that had us believing it was too big to confront. I count myself guilty of that. But your action today proves the Big Bad Wolf ain’t so big. As for bad? Well… And I heard you built your house of bricks. 🙂

    72 Hours. Let them pass quickly and with positive results. Thank you, Henry.


    1. If JewTube accepts any taxpayer funding (including secret off-the books black ops money) then they are absolutely held to the same standard as all others who find themselves ensnared by the Federal Teat.
      Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  6. Oh I want to see how they respond to this

    and as said before and many times , We have your 6 Henry

    there have been many peoples 1st article rights violated by JewTube
    its time they feel the pain, poetic justice would be for a real video down load site to push them off the net , or to show the masses what the true agenda of YouTube really is

  7. I have to admit it Henry, before today’s broadcast I was half expecting you to march in there like “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,” get your vid reinstated, and be given a sincere apology to boot:

    “We’re very sorry, Mr. Shively. This enterprise has violated your rights and will be dealt with accordingly. You will be justly compensated.”

    Ha! Naive, I know. But still you have taken steps, and you mentioned a planned mandamus. I guess my take-away from this is be locked and loaded, but still make whatever inroads we can. Not easy to interact with the well of toxicity.


  8. Capital and small case letters no mistake. Legalese along with fine print has always been their weapon. I heard today 97 % of the Justice department leans left and got their positions from the Clintons and Obamas. Is it true? There must be a deeper and deeper reason but disarmament has always been their goal just like the Bolsheviks in Russia circa 1917.

  9. “Dear Mr. Shivley, we politely request that you only post politically correct material on our servers. We also kindly ask you surrender all your firearms until we have deemed that you are no longer a menace to the snowflake society. We thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.”

    Your friends at BoobTube

  10. If they have any idea of self preservation, they’ll change that messy diaper they’re wearing and stop with their social justice crappolla and be what they started out to be. A platform to show a video on the internet. There are new ones, BitChute and so forth, but the devil is residing at jutube and has a stronghold on all internet content. Those other platforms have glitches, hic-cups and troubles from which jutube has been free.
    Let’s get ’em, Henry. My donation shall follow.
    Thank you,

  11. The Smith-Mundt Act was repealed 5 years ago. There is no way CNN continues from the funding of advertisers alone. …..There is some history behind Jeff Zucker if anyone just spends 2 minutes time to learn.

  12. Well now, looking forward to what these commie bitches do. This could get interesting. I am in possession of quite a few copper suppositories if need be.

    Carry on Brother Henry. God bless you.

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