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YouTube is Shutting Down Know More News

Published on Dec 14, 2018

Know More News with Adam Green

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1 Response to YouTube is Shutting Down Know More News

  1. galen says:

    Tragedy!! And ILLEGAL!! I’d like to say there should be a class action suit on all this censorship, violation of free speech, but we know the courts, too, are corrupt and owned.

    I’ve read for years that YouTube messes with the numbers in regards to number of views. There are accounts of some vids having thousands and even over a hundred thousand views only to be reduced to a few hundred.

    Evil is escalating as they bring in the full-blown take. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, but I always am. Hard to believe they’re getting away with as much as they are. I hate the stupid public that has no clue. The are the servants of the enemy, whether consciously so, or not.

    I do wish Adam didn’t use known gate-keepers and a pedo-pusher to make his point: Biggs, Rogan, Dawson, Milo. It just gives them a nod of legitimacy.

    Anyhow, I feel bad for Adam and all the other truth-tellers who are being blocked. I don’t know what more to do; you know, that precipice we so often arrive at?


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