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Zac Brown Band – My Old Man

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4 Responses to Zac Brown Band – My Old Man

  1. Katie says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there and sweet memories for Father’s that are no longer with us.

    And a Happy Father’s Day to the God and Father of our Lord Christ and our Father also.

  2. galen says:

    I use CNN as my home page, just so I can see what’s being presented to the world, the false truth of MSM. Today when I booted up I thought I’d at least see one reference to Father’s Day, but noooooo! Nary a word. Well, not initially anyway, but as the hours passed, a tiny blurb showed up on the lower page saying “Dad Jokes: Get Your ‘So-Bad-They’re-Good’ Dad Jokes Here.” I did not click on it. I grew more irritated. The ad seemed to be saying, Dad’s A Joke.

    I don’t mind poking fun, but where are the articles that talk about real fathers, those who sacrificed and gave so much to their families, who did the best they could to be a man of worth? I say this knowing many dads made multiple mistakes; well, all humans have, but the majority of dads worked so hard and gave so much, I cannot help but honor them and am disgusted that the media diminishes them and often turns them into parody. That said…


    You are not forgotten. You are appreciated and valued. You are so very, very needed. Without you, we are the glass half empty, the ship without a sail, the festival with no feast. With you, we are COMPLETE.


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