Zimbabwe Signs A Secret Deal To Sell Uranium For Nuclear Weapons To Iran

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

A deal has been struck between Iran and the Zimbabwe government which would see the African country sell raw materials for nuclear weapons to the Middle Eastern state, according to reports.

Gift Chimanikire, the Zimbabwean Deputy Mining Minister, told the Times newspaper that a memorandum of understanding had been signed to export uranium to Tehran, a move likely to prompt alarm in western capitals, particularly in Washington.  

The United States and the European Union have imposed crippling sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme, which Tehran insists is for peaceful energy uses but which they fear is intended to build a bomb.

According to what reports and by whom because we have had reports before and those reports were fake bullcrap.  The west will continue to push for and deny iran nuclear weapons so that Israel maintains hegemony over the middle east.  This way they can build the 3rd temple, destroy Damascus and then Jesus will come back and take all the Zionists to Zion … or something like that.  Israel exists purely for religious reasons.  At least I think so.  They are the most dangerous religious fundamentalists in the world because they have nukes.   -Mort



6 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Signs A Secret Deal To Sell Uranium For Nuclear Weapons To Iran

  1. Hmmm two birds with one stone here for the west it would seem as why would Iran with access to over 20,000 tons of proven Uranium buy from Zimbabwe? See capturing Iran for the Neo’s would mean a big deal for them what with the 4th largest gas reserves, huge coal and oil and stacks of Uranium too, oh yes I imagine the hawks and the neo’s reach for the hand cream when they think of a US run Iran again.

    And why Zimbabwe when China and Russia stand ever ready to trade oil and gas for whatever Iran wants? Wasn’t it only this last week with Mugabe winning the elections that Obama and Cameron were screeching like fishwives vowing “something” must be done about Mugabe?

    But with South Africa being a huge stumbling block to establishing AfriCom and any attempt to tackle Mugabe and with China’s established good will in many countries on that continent that breeds also the anti-US sentiment thanks to pulverising Libya into the stone age it will be quite interesting to see how the US pulls this one off.

  2. Before It’s News is notorious for posting stuff to get the faithful whipped up against those evil Mooslims. Uninformedluddite is correct, Iran has its own uranium resources, but even if they did buy uranium from Zimbabwe, that’s a far cry from “raw materials for a nuclear weapon.” Refining uranium to weapons grade is something every credible intelligence agency in the world says Iran has never done, and probably can’t do.

    “Israel exists purely for religious reasons.”

    This writer could stand a refresher course in Zionist history. Like how the Zionist project was first proposed to the House of Rothschild in 1836 but the Rothschilds didn’t realize how profitable it might be to them until the late 1800’s after the internal combustion engine had been invented and all that Mideast oil started looking a lot more valuable. WWI proved the military value of petroleum in transport, aircraft, tanks, and a naval fuel far superior to coal. And the Rothschilds then made their first big move with the Balfour declaration. Religion, my a$$.

    1. Disagree, Tom. It is a religion. Judaism based on the Talmud.

      And if you think they don’t worship a ‘god’, you’d be wrong on that count, too.

      That would be Satan.

  3. We’ve been hearing about Iran trying to build a nuke for 30 years now.

    Leave it to “before it’s news” to support the BS.

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