Zion Strategy Shift in the Middle East

Well it would seem that the strategy to procure one world Zionist rule has taken a turn.  No more incrementalism in the Middle East.  The Israelis have established their own country where Palestine used to be and are now determined to take the entirety of the Middle East and Northern Africa in one full sweep.  And the more blood spilled in the effort, the more pleased their misery loving god will be.

It seems the war on terrorism based on Islamic fundamentalism needed a booster shot as the entire effort was beginning to fail through stagnation because the people of the United State had grown weary of endless wars resulting in the economic collapse of their country.

King Netanyahu will not be deterred by an American population who actually thinks they are the power behind the United States.  This is why the propaganda to the contrary has been pulled back.  The Zionists figure it is best to go ahead and reveal themselves and let the American people know beyond a doubt that they are beneath and subservient to the Zionist elite.

No more pretense of the people deciding on whom their leaders will be, as the Zionist controlled private associations known as the Democratic and Republican Parties have put forth their choices for President in 2012, slapping down all opposition from the common folk out in the open for all to see.

Now we are learning another lesson and that is that US presence in all the other countries around the world is in reality an international corporate presence and that the only thing we the American people have to do with the situation is that we are obligated as bonded property to facilitate international military rule over the peoples of the world for the corporate elite.

I love the statement, “How can these Middle Easterners dare burn our flags and attack our embassies when we are giving them billions of dollars in aid every year?  How dare they?”

Well here is a little reality check for you.  Those billions are not given to the peoples of these countries to help them in any way.  They are in fact nothing more than payoffs to corrupt individuals, posing as governments.  The payoffs are to insure that the corporate elite can steal the resources of these countries and oppress their people in doing so.

This has nothing to do with religious tolerance accept to the extent that the Zionists will not tolerate a peaceful coexistence with any other religion or its people, whom they consider to be soulless animals, existing only to facilitate the wants of Zion.

The reality of Zionism, like the reality of Nazism and Communism, has become too blatant in its intent to ignore.  Zionism must be destroyed as the evil mechanism of Satan that it is.

God, bring forth your army to destroy the evil empire of Zion.

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