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Zoos to install checkpoints, search visitors and bags


The never-ending push to turn every public venue into an extension of the Police State is now moving to zoos.

Their justification, public safety of course.

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo wants to install checkpoints, metal detectors, bag searches and much more.  

Last month the Smithsonian sent a security proposal to the National Capital Planning Commission detailing their plans to turn the zoo into a TSA-style checkpoint.

“These security checkpoints would consist of permanent pavilions, each with several controlled guard posts, security screening magnetometers and areas for bag searches comparable to the security provided at Smithsonian museums on the National Mall.” 

Zoos to create bus passenger checkpoints 

The National Zoo also wants to create bus passenger checkpoints.

“The bus lot drop-off checkpoint will consolidate several existing entry points into one. It not only needs to serve large visitor groups from buses, but also accommodate large zoo tractor trailers, service, and emergency vehicles entering the Zoo. This visitor control and security checkpoint requires an open pavilion to protect two screening areas with magnetometers, and booths equipped with electrical and data connections.”

The zoo will join other museums and cemeteries using TSA-style security.

“At some museums, such as the Air and Space, African American History and Culture, American History, Natural History, Postal, and American Indian Museums, visitors are required to walk through a metal detector. Those who are unable to go through the metal detector will be hand-screened with an electronic wand by security personnel. Bag checks will be conducted via an x-ray machine at the Air and Space, African American History and Culture, and Postal Museum. At all other museums, bags will be checked by hand.”

The Smithsonian warns visitors not to bring daypacks, backpacks and food into museums.

“Do not bring large daypacks, backpacks, or luggage into the museums, as they will be subject to a lengthy search in each building entered.” And also warns visitors not to bring food, claiming that there are “no accommodations available for eating bag lunches within the museums.”

How long before other zoos follow suit and ban daypacks, backpacks. strollers, beverages and food?

Visitors to the Arlington National Cemetery and other museums have had to remove all the contents from their pocketssince 2016. (To find out more about Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History bag and pocket search click here.)

How long will it be before zoos and museums use TSA biometric Precheck scanners on vistiors? (Click here & here to find out how the MLB, NHL and more use PreCheck to spy on fans.)

Why are American’s allowing the police state to ruin museums and zoos?

In the not-too-distant future, parents will have the pleasure of bringing their kids to a TSA-style petting zoo. Where kids will learn firsthand what it’s like to be petted, sorry I meant searched by zoo police/security.

If you think the police state will stop at zoos and museums, I have some bad news for you.

As I mentioned earlier, the expansion of TSA-style checkpoints is not limited to just museums and zoos. They are spreading to cruise shipsDisney Worldbus and train stations,

How long before zoos and museums begin installing license plate readers?

The use of license plate readers and CCTV surveillance cameras is being used by sports stadiumshospitals, shopping mallsuniversitiespublic transit and power companies.

Slowly but surely, America’s zoos and museums will be absorbed by DHS and turned into TSA-style checkpoints.


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8 Responses to Zoos to install checkpoints, search visitors and bags

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Well we knew this would spread beyond airports, and it looks like you won’t be able to enter any building without some freak putting his hands on your crotch.

    This dehumanizes people. It teaches them that they’re someone else’s property, and can be personally violated at their will. This is about conditioning the public to totally submit to authority, and if the conditioning continues, they’ll be lost as far as defending their rights is concerned.

    If you can be molested by a pervert whenever you enter a building, you obviously have no rights. (and you can bet your last dollar they’re seeking out perverts to do this job)

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    pretty soon there wont be any place you can go without being searched
    will this kill businesses? I know it will for me..
    I have a policy , If my legally owned and carried personal protection tool cant come in … Than neither can my money

  3. Fluffy says:

    Arm, Equip, and Train as Militia.

  4. Koyote says:

    I’ve never been handled by one of these thugs. Don’t intend to be.
    Like that 92 yr old mother, I carry pistols in my robes.

  5. Darkwing says:

    I visit Biltmore house in western North Carolina several time a year. About two years ago, they now have police, search bags of anyone going into the house, bollards to keep you from driving near the house to drop off people, people standing around in the house that look like armed guards; when I ask they were silent.

    • Joe says:

      Biltmore Estate Security Policies:

      Please note that the following are prohibited in Biltmore House:

      Food and drink
      Pets (except service animals)
      Video recording and sketching
      Photography and cell phone use that interferes with the enjoyment of other guests. See full photo policy.

      For your safety and the protection of this historic home, all bags, packages, and boxes will be inspected by security personnel upon entry. We reserve the right to refuse admission for any bag, parcel, or other item.

      Biltmore Passholder Policies:
      For your safety and the protection of this historic home, all bags, packages, and boxes will be inspected by security personnel upon entry. We reserve the right to refuse admission for any bag, parcel, or other item.

  6. DL. says:

    Been to the National Zoo (2009). Not worth the privacy invasion! Heck the small desert animal “zoo” outside of Pecos, Texas, is better than that zoo! Bronx Zoo is the best–but I’m sure the police state will be there shortly if it isn’t already.

    All those other museums I visited on 2009 trip to DC mentioned above being police state now have been that way for a while on a smaller scale. for instance, the Air and Space Museum had checkpoints similar to early airport TSA checkpoints.

    • DL. says:

      And keep in mind that it isn’t just about police state crapola–food vendors at these places LOVE the fact that folks can no longer bring in snacks or even water….it’s either all about the totalitarianism or it’s all about the money!

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