12 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – April 23, 2018

  1. 67 now, 77 hi, 49 lo (NICE!). Sunny, CHEMTRAILS everywhere, as usual. No rain in the forecast until Friday.

  2. “… Cooper claimed that “widespread civilian access to military-grade assault weapons” needs to be stopped.”


  3. Great coverage on the Waffle House shoot. Henry, you asked the million dollar question: Why the guy that tackled the shooter “pushed” him out the door instead of restraining him. Looks like a smoking gun of a planned assist. If only your question can be asked of this person in front of the American public. Seems he aided in the escape. But even then, he might just say he tried to hold onto him but the shooter got away. I wonder if any video will surface. Anyhow, your question has to be asked and we all have a right to know. Sure, he’s in custody now. Could the delay of that have been to keep us in heightened fear, and for quick legislation to be drafted on gun-control? Next few days will be very interesting. Now, perhaps I’ll go rob a BMW, since it’s so incredibly easy to do so. Jeez, how stupid do they think we are? And Flee’s right; they all look alike. Clones.


  4. I know it sucks to lose a sponsor, but that guy from Drockton coin & bullion was one annoying son of a bitch.

  5. Help…

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