Haters of the American way of life came out of the woodwork, only to steer her wealth away from our pockets for their own financial gain. These people were not only foreigners, but also our own. Many of whom were born and raised right here on our shores. These are the people who are most dangerous because they held or are holding high office. Past Presidents, as well as the present, have been bought off and paid for by this garbage.

One of the tools used by these haters is our own U.S Chamber of Commerce, a tool used worldwide to raise millions by foreigners, to facilitate the destruction of jobs here in America. This scam has turned into a money recruiting tool massaged over the years by our illustrious leaders, by giving the chamber a 501(c)(6) status, enabling them to raise and spend unlimited funds without having to disclose any of the sources, using the funds to help elect traitors of the American people, given the blessings of our own Supreme Court.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is scared to death of the Democrats and want them out, the middle class democratic constituents want the jobs to stay in America, something the enemies within the Chamber of Commerce are fighting against. This puts the U.S Chamber of Commerce on the Patriotic American enemy list, and even more importantly, on the From the Trenches World Report enemy list as well.

Again we have an enemy cloaked in the disguise of American beliefs, doing nothing more than bringing us down. It’s a known fact that in 2006, the U.S Chamber of Commerce have recruited entities such as the “U.S Bahrain Business Council” (USBBC), doing nothing more than to help Bahrain use the “tools of the U.S Government and business contacts world wide” as ways to donate money to facilitate the globalist cause.

Many of the USBBC’s board members are Bahrainian, including Aluminum Bahrain, Gulf Air, Midal Cables, the Nass Group, Bahrain Maritime & Mercantile International, Bahrainian Petroleum Company, Gulf Petrochemical Industries, and the first Leasing Bank. These entities pay dues to the Chamber of Commerce eventually finding its way to the American election process. This, along with American corporations doing exactly the same, makes a formidable enemy to the American middle class.

How can this be fair? All its doing is giving enemies of America ways to bring us down!

India has these kinds of arrangements going for them as well. “The U.S- India Business Council” (USIBC) are worldwide, but also have offices located at the U.S Chamber of Commerce; represented by the State Bank of India and the ICICI Bank along with dozens of others, giving annual dues, totaling from $7,500 to $15,000 direct to the Chamber of Commerce 501(c), eventually used to nudge the U.S election results unfairly skewing the process.

Each of the heads of these entities donate big money to the U.S Chamber of Commerce totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars by way of the 501(c) corporation, skirting election laws, while cheating their way into the election process of our country. Something the elected traitors in the Supreme Court recently have given the green light to.

I have given only a couple of the examples from which foreign interests infiltrate our shores and manipulate election results by way of our own cherished American entities, that over the years have turned into nothing more than tools to help the Globalists kill American ideals. We have to understand and study up and eliminate this garbage. This trickery must be wiped out to bring back some dignity to our cherished country.

Egypt, Abu Dhabi, and many other nations are in the same boat, donating big money helping to bring America down.

God Bless the Republic of the United States of America.

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